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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Note to Dog Owners

I don't care if you live in the "country". I don't care if you don't believe in restricting the movements of your animals. The bare fact is that, unless the only road within 5 miles of your house is a minimum maintenance DNR road, you NEED to keep your pets on your property.

Especially if they are huge, black dogs.

ESPECIALLY if it is after dark.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, last night I peeled about 2,000 miles worth of rubber off my tires while narrowly missing the largest, blackest dog I have ever seen. The stupid thing just stood in the middle of my lane and looked at me like it was of absolutely no concern that a car was barreling down on him at 60mph.


I missed the stupid pooch by literally inches, and still wasn't sure that I didn't clip him.

So I pulled over (as did the lady who graciously did not rear-end me when I slammed on the brakes) and got out of the car to see if the stupid thing was hurt. The lady in the car behind me rolled down her window and said that she had seen it head down into a yard just down the road from us. The yard lights were on, and I did see the idiot mutt sauntering around the yard down there with absolutely no show of concern over the fact that he had almost been smeared all over the road not more than 5 minutes before.

I got in my car and left. It was the only option I had. If I would have ventured down into that yard, I would have peeled several layers of skin off that poor dog's owner.

And that is all I have to say about that.

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Magaly Guerrero said...

Poor pooch, it wasn't his fault, it's not like it can restrict itself. The owner on the other hand, needs an old time beating--belt, extension cord, wooden spoon... you pick the weapon.

You are right to say that animals need to be confined in a safe environment. That is the reason why I don't have a dog today. I live in NYC and to think of the poor thing in the solitude of a tiny apartment breaks my heart.

I'm glad you didn't go and peeled the sknin off that silly owner though...

Thanks for sharing your experience, hopefully some people will listen and take better care of their pooches.