And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Day After

I have been going shopping on Black Friday for the last few years. This year, I didn't go. The thought of fighting all those people for a few deals just seemed like too much work.

I must be losing my touch.

Last night, after the last of the turkey was put away and the house had fallen into a wonderful quiet, I loaded my million boxes of X-mas decorations into the house from the garage. I put up one tree, and the snow village. I discussed tree placement with Mr. Barefoot, we had the same fight over decorating style that we have every year. Finally, around midnight, we crawled into bed.

I woke this morning to Little Sprout squealing in glee "It's a Chwistmas Twee!" She was awed by the pretty lights, and the shiny ornaments. She loved the little snow village, and immediately began digging through the boxes in the living room to find more fun things to play with.

I had better hurry up and finish so I can get that stuff back out to the garage.

I am planning on spending the day stuffing myself on T-Day leftovers and resting. I work tonight, and am hoping that my clients have wound down from their holiday excitement.

Big Sprout just left on her first hunting expedition with Grandpa and Bro, and she is terribly excited. I hope she has fun.

So that's about it! Barefoot Manor the day after a holiday....

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Wendy said...

You're not alone in your decision not to shop. Of the 86000 people who took the CNN "are you planning to shop on Black Friday?", 86% (or about 71,000) said no.

We won't be shopping, either. Aside from the fact that it's "Black Friday", and I just won't shop on today, it's a miserable, cold and rainy day, which would make dealing with the crowds even less appealing.

Happy decorating ;).