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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Little Sprout's Fourth of July Fright

It was a good week for the Sprouts. Grandpa Barefoot had the week off, and Mr. Barefoot's mother was in the hospital (which wasn't good, but it meant that Mr. Barefoot didn't work this week and they got to sleep late and spend a lot of time with family). On Monday we went to a deer farm in Wisconsin, the same one showed a couple of pictures of way back in '06. Both the Sprouts loved that, though Little Sprout was sure that the animals were going to bite her. That didn't stop her from throwing hand fulls of corn at every animal she saw, though!

Friday, Grandpa Barefoot took them (and Pip) to Wild Mountain Water Park. Big Sprout and Pip ran around like mad-women, and Little Sprout was afraid of the water. We all ended up sunburned and happy at the end of the day.

Today was the day that Grandma and Grandpa Barefoot came over for a BBQ and then we all walked down to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks display.

Poor Little Sprout! She was so excited. It was past her bedtime, she was outside with her beloved Grandma and was a recipe for great fun. She was interested in watching the small fireworks set off by folks in the parking lot, and seemed so happy running around and jumping on each of us in turn.

Then the REAL fireworks started.

With the first big boom, she jumped as if someone had poked her in the backside. The next few bangs came rapidly, and it seemed she was so scared she couldn't move. She just stood on her lawn chair, shaking, and screamed. Grandpa picked her up and tried to hold her on his lap, but that wasn't safe enough for her. I lifted her onto my lap and covered her with a blanket, which she promptly used to cover her face. I held one hand over the ear she didn't have pressed into my chest and reassured her the best way I could. I rocked, I talked to her, but nothing would persuade her to take her head out from under that blanket. When things got especially loud, she would snake one arm out and pull my head down to hers. I couldn't help but laugh at her a little.

She was very happy when the show was over and we could head home. She wouldn't let go of the blanket, though, till she was safe in her own house.

Maybe next year she will like it a little better.


Lisa said...

Poor little Star-Spangled Sprout!

Back when dinosaurs walked the earth, and I was a little girl, my dad used to used light a string of firecrackers and drop them into a large metal trash can during new year's dinner. We never knew what he was up to, and it scared to pee-waddly out me every time!!

Deb said...

I seem to recall reacting the same way when I was little. Poor thing!

Finding Pam said...

Other than little sprout being scared of the fireworks, it sounds like you had a great fourth of July.