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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Big Sprout's teacher loves her, and thinks she is wonderful. I agree 100%.

I found out that Big Sprout tests a reading comprehension level at 11.7. The way the teacher explained this to me, it means that she comprehends what she reads at the level they would expect a student to in the ELEVENTH GRADE! Oh, I just gotta brag on that one a bit.

Of course, organisation and remembering to do her homework are things she needs to work on. I wasn't really surprised, considering that she has me as a role model and I have witnessed pretty much the same thing at home.

I dragged her down to the Art teacher (we will call him Art because....well, just because) to find out why, at her 1st trimester conferences, she had a B+ and now she has a D+. Here's how that went:

BG: (knocking on open door) Hello?
(seeing several
teachers all hanging out) Oh! I am sorry....I will come back later.

Art: No, no! Come on in! (general shuffling as other
teachers gather their things and leave the room)

Hi, sorry to bother you. I was wondering about Big Sprout, here. Last trimester
she had a B+, and this trimester she has a D+ on her report card. I was
wondering what happened to change her grade so much....

Art: (tightens his lips in a very disapproving manner)
What's her teacher's name?

BG: SuperTeacher

Art: (huffing and puffing defensively) Hmmmmmm....Well,
it looks like she didn't finish one of her projects, and there really isn't
anything you can do about that since the grading window is closed. (getting more
and more loud and aggressive sounding) I TOLD the kids to finish up their
projects, but she didn't. So she didn't get a grade on that.....Blah, blah....I
am so wonderful, and these kids just don't listen....blah, blah....(voice
continuing to get louder and LOUDER. Also speaking more and more
quickly....seems very angry) Big Sprout, show your mom your wonderful artwork
and I think you would have gotten an A on this if you just would have gotten the
string tied on the mask so it could have been finished.....blah, blah....She has
a wonderful sense of....blah blah....if she only would have FINISHED it, I could
have given her a grade, but I don't know what you expect ME to do about it. The
grading window is CLOSED....blah, blah...

BG: Ok, well
thanks. I just wanted to know why the grade changed so much. There was no
explanation on the report card, so I wanted to see what the problem was.
(backing towards the door) I really appreciate the time you took to explain it
to me...

Art: Well, it's all her fault. I TOLD the kids
several times....blah, blah....

BG: Thank you for your
time! (grabbing the Sprouts and running for the door)

(Go to Big Sprout's locker to take home the 30 prs of mittens and 27 hats that she has accumulated in there over the winter)

Big Sprout: Yeah,
he doesn't listen very well, Mom.

BG: No kidding.

You know, when I think about it....every art teacher I have ever known was just a little bit off their rocker. I suppose this shouldn't have shocked (and, honestly, frightened) me as much as it did. The dude was just MAD, though, that I was asking what was up with my Sprout's grade! I wasn't pissed at him, I was curious why my incredibly bright Sprout was suddenly one short step from failing his class. After all, it's ART for crying out loud. I figure a kid's gotta work hard to get a bad grade in art class....

Anyway, now I know...and "knowing is half the battle"


Deb said...

So my suspicion was correct. Come to think of it, my junior high art teacher was a bit goofy. Too bad Big Sprout's grade point average has to suffer just because of this narcissist.

The Rambling Taoist said...

I can really identify with this. I rec'd a "D" in art class in junior high. I found the class completely boring. I also don't have an artistic bone in my body, so I missed turning in several assignments.

Thomas said...

Art is not a real subject in Jr. High. It should be relabled "Crafts and Shit".

Don't push the art teacher. He might snap. Trust me on this


Flameater said...

My art teacher always told me (and everyone else too) that I was very good at drawing cartoons, even though I tried my best to produce serious artwork (for a kid). Anyway, he died of a heart attack at a young age (40+) and I was sorry for him when I heard the news. I still drive 4-5 hours to visit my aging teachers at the school town every now and then, and I would have visited him too if he was still alive.

jenny said...

I liked my art teacher. It was the stoopid math teacher I hated. He would make up mime signs to replace actual signs (sign language) and then expect us to understand what he meant and then when we didn't get it, he'd get all pissed and give us a pop quiz. A few years later, after graduating, I bumped into him while I was at a beauty pageant and I was in a dress and I caught him staring at my cleavage. ewww! Pervert alert! He didn't even try to hide the fact that he was looking, he looked me up and down and then while still looking at my boobs, he signed, and I quote, "You've really grown up since you were in my class," oh UGH!

Anyway, I'm so glad that you and the Sprouts are ok after that car accident! Are you still sore? It took me a couple days to get over the soreness when I had an accident a few years back. Hope the guy had insurance.

barefoot gardener said...

No big deal, it is just 4th grade. If this was a high school teacher, I would have made a stink...but for this guy? nope...

Big Sprout is actually very creative. She is just a little putzy with her work sometimes, and needs to hurry it up a bit.

Don't worry, I ran from that psycho screaming like a little girl. There is no way I was gonna take a chance on him coming completely unhinged...

Nice story. I, too, keep in contact with some of my old teachers. That is one of the benefits of living in the same area most of your life. You just see them around town, so you might as well visit for a bit...

Ewww! Gross. I would hate to have a teacher look at me like that....*shiver*

I am feeling better after the accident, and still trying to figure out if I wanna go in to the doc or not. Thanks for asking...

Kati said...

*shaking head* Yeah, that art teacher sounds like he's totally off his rocker! (I'll never forget the "fail" I got for daring to take some initiative in an elementary school art project. I didn't want it to look JUST like the example, so I changed it up a bit. Apparently artistic license is only an option for adults, not children in art class. *shaking head*)

That's FANTASTIC, that Big Sprout has such a high reading comprehension level! YEAH for her!!!!! Glad the Parent-Teacher conference went fairly well, over all.

BB-Idaho said...

My art teacher in college criticized my rendition of the still life she had set,
box, couple sticks. She said my work looked like a photograph, heck why not just take a picture?
..I switched to Physical Chemistry..