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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Tried, Oh Gosh I Tried

So this morning was supposed to be my first morning without any Mt. Dew. Ha.

I did good for the morning. I had bought some cheapo caffeine free soda in an attempt to fake out my system and make it think it was getting some caffeine. I knew that I would still be getting tons of sugar, and hoped that would offset some of the withdrawal. Ha.

I woke from my afternoon nap (there are some perks to working overnights) with a pounding headache and about --->this<--- much patience. After barking at the kids a few times and nearly hyperventilating, I broke out my emergency stash of flat Mt Dew from the fridge. Nasty, but it has caffeine, and beggars can't be choosers.

I am not giving up, though. I made it until 3pm without breaking down today. If I can manage to make it until 3:15pm tomorrow, and 3:30pm the day after that, I will be making progress in a big way. At least, for me it will be progress.


I also figure I have an ear infection. I thought at first that my ear was just plugged, but 3 days of using that ear wax removal crap (I have had to do this many times in the past) has provided no relief. So I am figuring that I will have to go into the doc and find out if I am gonna need antibiotics or something. It is just too annoying to feel like I have an ear full of water. Besides, I am getting a little dizzy off and on, and that is more upsetting than anything. Can't read or do needlepoint when you are dizzy.

I suppose that is about all, folks!


Lisa said...

I am so proud of you for trying to get off of the MD! Stick with it... it will get easier!

Hope your ear clears up without needing the antibiotics. Maybe they need some cheesecake?

barefoot gardener said...

Hehe. Do I eat the cheesecake or stick it in my ear? Just wondering...

Finding Pam said...

When I quit caffeine, I had a terrible headache and by nine in the morning I was ready to go back to sleep. I had no energy what so ever. You may want to just cut back and gradually get of MD.

Lisa said...

You may stick the cheesecake wherever it will do you the most good! *Giggle*

barefoot gardener said...

gonna try, but if I got it, I gotta drink it ALL....

Not fair, making a gal spit her hard earned MD all over the monitor! ;)