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Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have been crocheting snowflakes like a madwoman the last few weeks. I thought that, with the new house, it would be really pretty to do one tree all in a snowflake theme with white and iridescent ornaments.

Last night I finally sat down and started stiffening and blocking the two dozen plus snowflakes I had made. I spent HOURS hunched over the blocking boards with a pile of brand new stick pins, gunking up my hands with the stiffener and working my little butt off to get them all even and pretty.

The first thing I noticed is that working with thread and then blocking your projects really makes you notice if your tension isn't even. Then I noticed that on a few flakes I had made mistakes (forgetting stitches or adding them) that were VERY OBVIOUS once you started stretching those suckers out.

I faithfully sprinkled each and every flake with a fine dusting of super fine glitter (the expensive kind) to give them that extra "bling" factor in the tree lights and set the boards aside to dry overnight.

This morning, I was very eager to take my snowflakes off the boards and see how things turned out. It was my first time blocking a project, much less stiffening it, and I couldn't wait to see how they would look.

As I started pulling pins out, I noticed that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE had rusted, leaving yellow and orange markings on my snowflakes. I am so bummed! I even bought brand new pins for this project to avoid any discoloration issues. I couldn't find stainless steel pins, but I figured that one or two uses on brand new pins would be okay.

Evidently I was wrong.

So, does anyone know where I could get stainless steel T-pins? I am still gonna use the stained ones this year (maybe I will cover up the worst of the stains with a little white fabric paint mixed with glitter or something), but I would like to avoid this mess in the future.



Lynne said...

I'll bet you can fix the yellow dot with paint or even a little dot of white-out. This post reminded me of my similar disapointment over a project I had done. See if you can fix them and then show a picture please!

Kati said...

gah!!! How frustrating! I hope a bit of white paint or such helps disguise the yellowing.

MarmiteToasty said...

oh how sad after all that hard work..... Im sure some glitter would cover it up.. they do sound great though....


barefoot gardener said...

Pics of my crafty amazingness soon.

Welcome, Marmitetoasty! I love new friends...