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Friday, October 31, 2008

Merry Thanksgivoween!

First, THANK YOU FR. PETER! I wish my hubby were that supportive.

Second, Lisa: I also had that thought and called the company back about the idiot game thing. They said that for $45 they would be willing to replace our game console with one that should work with the game. We are considering it, though I hate to give these folks any more of my $$$.

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Today I sent the Sprouts out with Mr. Barefoot to do some Trick or Treating, but the Thanksgiving items in the stores are already on clearance and the Winter Holiday items are already out. It is hard to focus on what time of year it really is!

Little Sprout is not really happy about her costume. She thought it was great until I tried to put the hood up. Somehow the whole "elephant" thing doesn't come across well without the head.

Big Sprout is much happier with her witch costume. I couldn't believe it! I had to buy her an adult small size costume. Not fair, I tell ya....

See how happy she is? Especially compared to....

Little Sprout trying to commit suicide with a bubble gun because Mommy is making her wear her elephant hood.

They just look so sweet!

Mostly, my mind is on decorating for the Winter Holidays. Check this out...

Can you tell what it is made out of? Let's turn off the lights so that you can get a better look...
Yup, believe it or not that thing is made out of Mt. Dew cans! I love it! It was sent to me in an email as something of a joke, but I am already planning out where I can stash my used cans until I have enough to put this together.
It doesn't look like it would be too hard to make, really. Mr. Barefoot and I had a "discussion" today over whether or not I am justified in getting another (couple) tree(s) for the holidays this year. I say we need at LEAST one more (I only have 4), and he says that we have plenty, thank you very much.

I think I am gonna play the depression card on this one, though. I haven't WANTED to decorate for the holidays in about 3 yrs due to feeling cruddy. I have always loved the decorating aspect of the season, so not wanting to bother was really strange. This year I am raring to go and can barely wait for Thanksgiving to be over so that I can get started. I think that deserves a celebratory tree, don't you? Especially if I hit Goodwill or the thrift store and get a used artificial tree? I think so.

I have big plans for decorating this year....I want a burgundy, cream, gold, and dark green thing going on in the living room. In the kitchen (we have a huge kitchen) I was thinking of doing cookie cutters and gingerbread know, all cooking type stuff. Then in the family room I was hoping to let Mr. Barefoot go nuts with his multi-colored madhouse toyland decorating. I ordered holiday themed rubber duckies to decorate Little Sprout's tree with, and will be asking what theme Big Sprout would like. I want to do an ice and snow theme in the master bedroom, with all clear or white ornaments. I figured icicles, snowflakes, snowmen...that kind of thing. With silver accents. Oh! and I could do the dining room in cream and gold! How fun! and maybe in the little room between the bathroom and the stairs to the basement I could do a "homespun" type thing......

Ah, the possibilities.

Anyway, if any of you run into Mr. Barefoot tell him that I deserve another tree, k? K. Thanks.


Deb said...

Glad to hear you're gung ho about decorating this year! I am too, and maybe it has to do with having our own, reasonably big space to decorate, finally?

I also have a kitty who is nibbling on my fingers as I type. What a sweetie.

Kati said...

*grin* The girls are so cute! Hope LS gets to the point where she likes her costume.

Hope you have a fabulous Halloween/Samhain.

barefoot gardener said...

I think having a bigger space has a lot to do with it. Our house is not big, really, but it just seems so fun to think of decorating MY OWN PLACE.

Blessed Samhain to you as well.
Rumor has it that Little Sprout left the hood up once she discovered that she got candy for wearing it!

Em said...

Always room for more trees at Christmas!

Hope your halloween was fabulous. And I agree, it is a little disturbing that we aren't really allowed to fully enjoy any holiday because the next holiday is already being pushed upon us. When we bought the candy we were going to pass out, we were surrounded by light-up reindeer and wreaths. That's just wrong.