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Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I made the best effort I could to watch the Debate last night. I managed to see most of it, but have to admit that several times I got so disgusted I had to change the channel for a few minutes.

For those of you who like watching those shows of home videos where idiots crash their race cars/boats/skateboards/bicycles/what~have~you, this should have been a fascinating debate.

The whole thing reminded me why I hate politicians. I have never before seen two people more intent on not saying anything definitive in my whole life. It was disgusting.

I think, as a country, we're screwed.


Lisa said...

At least this time the moderator got the candidates to pretend to answer the question asked. The last one, the town hall format, really irritated me. Asking the audience for their questions, then barely acknowledging it before launching into whatever they wanted to say was appalling and disrespectful!

That being said, we are already screwed. So the question becomes, which of these two is best to "try" to get us out of the messes we are in and headed on the right track?

Deb said...

In this media-driven age, I think the presidential debate is an outdated format for learning about the candidates and issues. I would guess very few people under 30, or even 40 even know how a formal debate works. They don't expect civilized discourse, they expect AM radio talk show style attacks, and that's what they get. It's sad, really. I didn't watch the debate; actually I was blissfully unaware that one was going on.

RuthieJ said...

I watched part of the debate also, but I got disgusted too and channel-surfed 'til I found an episode of Red Green that I hadn't seen before and enjoyed that a whole lot more!