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Monday, September 15, 2008

Why Good Record Keeping is a MUST (or) Why I Haven't Been Around and How I Came Back

So, on Friday I noticed that our modem was not receiving any signal. I was too dog~tired to do anything about it right then, so I just made a note of it to Mr. Barefoot and went off to bed. I worked all day Saturday and came home to a party, so I didn't have much time for the 'puter. When Sunday morning rolled around and we still had no signal, I decided to get pro~active about the whole thing. Well, I decided that Mr. Barefoot needed to get pro~active, which is even better than me having to deal with the whole thing.

So Mr. Barefoot called our 'net provider and let them know the situation. They said they would get someone right on it and get back to us.

Mr. Barefoot called again that evening, since we hadn't heard anything.....they promised to get someone right on it and get back to us.

I made him call AGAIN this morning, since we still had no service, and they promised to get right on it and get back to us.

I FINALLY was contacted at a little after noon, and this is how the conversation went:

Provider: We were just calling to see if your service glitch had been worked out...

Me: Well, as of an hour ago we still had no service, but let me check. Do I need to unplug the modem to re~set it?

Provider: Well, I don't think that will do any good. I see in our records that we fixed the networking difficulty, but then had to disconnect you due to non~payment.

Me: Non~payment! Hmmm....what do you show that we owe?

Provider: $X.XX, and we will need to receive payment before we can reconnect you.

Me: Really, well that can't be right.

Provider: I assure you, Ma'am....

I hate it when they call me Ma'am. You know they really wanna say "Listen, B*tch"

Me: Hold on for one moment, it is. I have here our bill from last month and a receipt for a money order made out to you for $2.50 MORE than the amount stated on the bill. You should have rec'd it by now, since it was mailed almost 30 days ago.....

Provider: Well, now. Let me check.....Oh, my, it seems we credited that payment to your OLD acct. You really need to be careful and make sure that you put your current account number on your payments.

Me: All I did was copy the account number from the bill onto the money order. I do see now that this month's bill and last month's have different account numbers, but since I had not received a bill at this new address yet, I couldn't possibly know what the new account number was, could I?

Provider: Well....Hmmmmm. Let me just make some adjustments here......

sounds of typing in the background.

Provider: And I will make a few notes here........there we go! If you would just wait another half an hour, your service should be up and running again. Thank you so much for your patience....bye...

Ummm, yeah. Proof, once again, that there are WAY TOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE in this world. I mean, really.

So, anyway.....I have missed you all terribly over the last couple of days, and am off to read up on what you have all been doing. Then I will come back and tell you all about my exciting weekend!