And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Heating up

I am still hung up on this heating thing that Mr. Barefoot and I are agreeing to disagree on.

I keep thinking about how every house I have ever lived in has been cooler than our apt was. I think that it has something to do with all the insulating properties of the other apts around you, all being heated to varying degrees.

So anyway, I figure that even if Mr. Barefoot gets sneaky and turns the thermostat up, the house is going to be drafty~er and feel colder than our apt did at the same temp. Luckily Mr. Barefoot is...ummmm, we'll say frugal (like me).....and my hope is that his frugality will outweigh his desire for a tropical paradise this winter.

This means warm booties, funky and fashionable hats that can be worn inside, lots of blankets and lap~rugs for sitting in front of the TV, and layering of clothing.

Hmmmm....I had better get my crochet hooks out and get going on learning to knit, huh?

I think we are doing just fine in the blanket dept, since somehow we managed to end up with about 7 million. They are not necessarily all pretty, but they will keep us warm no matter what they look like.

My main concern is Little Sprout at this point. The little pain in the backside is just like her Mommy. She loves to be barefoot. I can't keep socks or anything on her little tootsies no matter how hard I try. The last few nights around here have been downright nippy, and our house seems to be holding on to the cold air during the day. Little Sprout's little toesies are frozen, but she keeps taking her socks off!

Anyone have any ideas for socks with attached suspenders or something? I am thinking a garter belt type deal with attached socks. Or maybe I could find some kind of footie long johns. Kind of like footie jammies, but not. Ya know?

Actually, the more I think about it, the better that idea becomes. I have a sewing machine, and can use it without sewing my fingers to my project. I should look for a pattern for footie jammies, and then just use material that I would use for an outfit instead.....any thoughts? I could use tougher type material for the bottoms of the feet, so that she didn't wreck them right away......Hmmmm.....


Anonymous said...

hello sister, Here for my quarterly checkup on your blog...Tell the hubby to buck up and enjoy the cold, I keep a bottle of alcohol in the house for the bitter cold should too!

as for the youngest, let her go without shoes, she'll let you know when her feet get too cold.

oh and I'll teach you how to fact think I have my old needles at mom and dads yet...

cheers sis!

barefoot gardener said...

Well, hello Bro!

So nice to know you come around and check me out now and again...

I am gonna hold you to that teaching me to knit thing....I got all of Grandma's old knitting needles, you know...maybe they went to the wrong Grandchild?

Wendy said...

Have you tried mukluk-style slippers? We had some for my girls that had cute little animal faces. They loved them.

Of course, my children also did not like socks when they were young, and on very cold days, I'd just leave them in the footie pajamas ... until they learned (too early ;) how to take those off, too :).

Kati said...

*grin* I have NO advice for how to keep Little Sprout's feet covered. I hate, hate, hate socks & most slippers and foot coverings as well. BUT, I finally got a pair of sheerling slippers several years back, and now I wear them constantly. If I'm not wearing my crocs (for work), or going barefoot in the summer, I'm wearing my shearling slippers. They're so cosy, and not tight or constricting or any such thing. I love them. *shrug* That's all I can suggest, find something that she ENJOYS wearing on her feet.

Best of luck!

RuthieJ said...

I think footie jammies might work out good--and you can buy that fabric for the feet that has those little non-slip bumps on it.