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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Settling in...

Well, yesterday was "bill day" here at Barefoot Manor. No, not the day that I sit down and frighten myself by paying the bills, it was the day that all the bills arrived at the house.

I was surprised at how low they all were. The last time we lived in a house, our monthly bills were outrageous. Now I am beginning to wonder if a lot of that was having two teens in the house. So I am pleased to see that the bills are not going to be as scary as I had thought.
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Last night we had our first fire in the fire pit in the back yard. It was wonderful. Clear skies made for easy star watching, and we have quite the generous brush pile to use for our fires thanks to a neighbor's tree that was lost in a storm right before we moved in. The tree must have been dead already, cuz the wood is already mostly dry and very easy to get to "take". The fire experience got a little hairy a few times when Little Sprout decided that she wanted to play with those pretty orange ribbons, but disaster was averted and a good time was had by all.

Photo from pasaninyeri at flikr
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I have been busily planning gardens for next year, though I am hampered by lack of sunlight in our yard. Mr. Barefoot has requested "lots of color" up front, but doesn't want it to "look like a jungle". Picky man. Luckily I have lots and lots of hostas that can be moved (most likely I will have to wait for spring, now, I just don't foresee having the time before frost) both from the beds that already exist here at Barefoot Manor and from my folks' house. Mom doesn't want to keep my flower beds, so she is just holding on to them until I can move the plants she doesn't want to keep.

photo cheerfully stolen from

I am thinking that Coleus will go well with all the hosta, and am surfing the web for spring blooming bulbs. Both of those should give me quite a bit of bang for my buck.

these ones, too

I am going to have to pull out TONS of daylilies that are not getting anywhere near enough light to bloom, and some idiot planted Lily of the Valley in the beds here, as well. Not that I have anything against Lily of the Valley, really, it just ends up being so durn invasive around here. So I want it gone. I do NOT want to spend hours every spring and fall for the rest of my life trying to contain those stinking plants.

I am tentatively planning to plant some Rhododendrons in the back, under some pine trees that must stay. Our yard is pretty protected, and though we are at the northern~most edge of their growing zone I think I might be able to keep some going. Job #2 is for a woman who has a beautiful Azalea growing along the South wall of her kitchen, so I am keeping the hope alive.

Rhodie pics from

I will also want to get me some more Trillium, Merrybells, and old fashioned Bleeding Heart (both white and pink). And I have a soft spot for violas, so that will be a seed order happening in January.

Pic from

Trillium photo courtesy of wikipedia

I have Irises that need to come to Barefoot Manor, as well. I know they prefer wetter areas, but they have done just fine in the dry/light shade over at my folks' place so I am hoping that they will be tolerant of a bit more shade here. I will just have to be sure to keep them moist 'till they get a bit more established, and then wean them off the watering. I am hoping to also get some of the "Eye of the Tiger" variety....I am sure Mr. Barefoot will love the color combo on those babies.

Pic from

Of course, none of that can happen until we get rid of that idiot wasp nest. I know that wasps are supposed to be "good bugs", but everyone in this house has bad reactions to stings and that durn nest is right where I need to put my veggie patch so it has to go.

I am also going to have to start saving my pennies for mulch (so that things don't look like a "jungle"). I figure at some point next year, I am going to be posting a lot like Lisa has this past summer. Hehe.

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Lisa said...

You go girl! I look forward to the challenge of your garden and mine!

I will be posting later (but maybe not today) on the demise of the armadillo!!

Your plant choices sound fab. Almost none of that will grow here, so we will have nicely different gardens to brag about!!