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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pest Control

No, I am not talking about the Sprouts. We have pests. Make that PESTS.

First, it was spiders and other various bug~like creepy crawlies that moved into the house while it was unoccupied. A couple of bug bombs and a lot of cleaning later, and I think we have that mostly under control.

Then we had our first bat. I went and got some of that spray insulation stuff and blocked up every hole that I could find, and we haven't had one since. Bat~proofing the house went on my list of "Things To Do" for the spring...I had hoped to have the $$ to have it professionally done by then.

Then I noticed ants trying to get into our house. Despite knowing that there are many more environmentally friendly ways to accomplish the same thing, I went out and bought ant killer stuff and sprayed around the outsides of all the windows and doors in an attempt to keep them in the great outdoors where they belong.

NOW Mr. Barefoot called me at job #2 today to let me know that there is an undergroud wasp nest in our backyard. And he is allergic. And this thing appears to be huge. When we moved in, I noticed that there was a crescent shaped hill all along the back of the property. I didn't pay much attention, figuring that the former owners had done something to create it. Well, today Mr. Barefoot was cutting the weeds and grass growing out of it, and I guess a whole mess of yellow jackets came swarming out. After finding the hole they were exiting from, Mr. Barefoot and I stood there scratching our heads for a bit. Then he noticed them coming and going from under the edge of the shed in the yard as well. Yikes! This is something that I just don't think I am able to handle myself, so I am looking for a good exterminator to call on Tuesday. My wallet is crying already.

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Gina said...

Maybe the bat was coming after the bugs! ;)

Winter's coming-it will get better soon!