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Friday, August 22, 2008


This is it. I have had it.

Big Sprout has been showing quite a bit of attitude lately. I think I have mentioned it about a thousand times already. I have really REALLY tried to be patient with her. Honest, I have. I have kind of made it my policy that when she got snotty I would just call her attention to it, tell her it was not allowed, and get on with our lives.

I am done being Mrs. Nice Barefoot. All I asked her to do was take the trash and recycling out and to bring all of her dirty clothes to the laundry room. Hello! Not that hard. After every task~~~not even every full task, she would do this after accomplishing HALF of a task~~~she would ask if she was done and if she could watch TV. When I said "no", she would stomp off to finish her jobs mumbling that I was making her miss her WHOLE SHOW. After she promised me that all her jobs were done, I went upstairs to put some things away in my room. Just walking past her door I saw 3 articles of dirty clothes on the floor. This is surprising because her room is already so much of a mess that you can barely FIND the floor.

Guess what? Someone is no longer allowed to watch TV for a while. I am so miffed that I could spit nails. Seriously. I am sick and tired of sweating and huffing and puffing, getting things cleaned and unpacked, while she sits on her duff and watches the boob toob ALL DAY LONG. When she isn't sitting with her eyes glued to the pretty lights of that evil mind control device she is out playing with her friends. While I normally prefer being outside and playing to hanging out in front of the idiot box, while she is out with her friends she is not doing her chores. If I gotta do chores, so does she.

So there.

Rant over, I promise


Kati said...

*grin* You go girl! I hope this pissy attitude of hers is just a passing phase.

In the mean time, best of luck not strangling her! *wink*

Lisa said...

Way to go, Sara!! If I had had my way, we wouldn't have had a TV when the girls were little!

Seriously, when Studly isn't around, I usually don't turn it on!

Sprout has to learn that you are the mom and if you're working to keep the household running, she has to do her part!

Deb said...

I'm with you all the way. I have been getting frustrated here about certain chores not being done...I mean, how difficult is it to hang a load of laundry, or to sort out a laundry basket! I hate to have to get after my kids, but I DO NOT want the same kind of messes that they have left in the cabin to be tolerated in the new house.

Wendy said...

My kids used to watch too much television. We all did. So, we have cut our cable back to the bare minimum, which means there's PBS and the network stations. No one watches much television around here. Now, it's the phone and the computer :).

When you get a second, please stop by. I have something for you ;)