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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So I Have Been Packing...

And packing.....and packing.

Who'da thunk we had so much stuff? I am trying to go through as I pack and set stuff aside for the thrift store, but most of what I want to get rid of Mr. Barefoot wants to keep.

Being the generous soul I am, I have been keeping my (perfectly natural) impulse to get rid of it all when he isn't looking in check. Barely. I am, however, beginning to wonder how in the world all this stuff is going to fit in the new house.

I figure if we fit here, we will fit at the new place, it is just a matter of figuring out where everything goes. I am also worried about feeling crowded at the new place. It is about 450 sq ft larger than our apt, plus a garage. We are just busting the seams of this apt, though, and I am wondering if an extra 450 sq ft will be enough.

Oh, what am I saying! Of course we will make it work....we love the house, and families much larger than ours have lived in that much space (or less), so we will be fine. I guess all the boxes all over the apt just have me down.

Anyway, we have begun the countdown to CLOSING. We are sitting at 10 days till closing right now, with so much to do.

Well, I had better be off.....there is still packing to do, and I work tonight!


Lisa said...

I have moved so many times, that all of my worst nightmares involve packing boxes, wrapping paper and that sound of that tape gun... reeeeeekkkk!

You'll get through it!

nina said...

Piles always look worse (and bigger) than when everything's tucked in closets and cupboards.
And there's nothing like moving to show you how much you've accumulated, is there!

Good luck!

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, Lisa! You have captured that tape gun sound so well! Now imagine the tape gun in the hands of a 9 year old who firmly believes that each box needs to be COMPLETELY COVERED in tape.....ugh.

Nina- nice to hear from you! It definitely is frightening to pull out all the stuff so carefully hidden in the closets and finally see how big the piles really are. Up till now I had thought I was doing pretty good on the decluttering, but I guess I was wrong....

Kati said...

YEAH for quickly approaching closing dates!!!! I wish you all the best and a boat-load of patience with the packing and subsequent unpacking of your household. And I wish the rest of your family the common-sense to stay out of your way unless needed, in which case I wish the the sense to hop-to-it quickly. *wink*