And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Gods Are Punishing Me

I just know it.

Since closing on the house, I have been (not so quietly) losing my mind. There has been so much that has needed to be done, and I can't get done with Little Sprout in tow. I have been frustrated and anxious and really difficult to live with (sorry, Mr. Barefoot).

Today, I managed to rope my MIL into watching Little Sprout so that Big Sprout and I could go over and clean and prep for painting. Fun, right? Well, I managed to oversleep. I got up at a little after 8am. Then I had to get the Sprouts ready, grab my Dad, and head up to the store to buy the paint. $175 (GASP!) and an hour later, I was ready to head on over to the new house and get my groove on. Only I forgot a hammer for taking out nails, and the electric screwdriver I brought didn't have the oomph to take out any of the screws in the wall.

Big Sprout was helping for a little bit, but then she got tired and hungry. So we stopped working and headed out for the hammer, screwdriver, and some lunch.

When we got back, Big Sprout spent most of her time with her nose pressed to the kitchen window watching the neighbor kids play in their backyard pool. They invited her over, but she didn't have her suit so she couldn't go. So she whined.

I went out to the van to bring in the paint and supplies. As the back hatch opened, one of the cans of primer fell out. It fell just perfectly so that the top popped off and I lost and entire gallon of primer on the driveway. So that shot another hour or more, since the spigot outside the house doesn't seem right (and I didn't have a hose anyway). I cleaned up as much as I could, but then I had to keep running buckets of water out to the driveway to try and clean it up. What a mess.....

While I was messing with the paint on the driveway, the neighbor from across the street came over to see what was going on. She seems very nice, and once lived in our house. It was kind of fun to listen to her. I guess her folks moved her into my house when she was a little girl. Then, after she got married, she lived in the house next to ours. Her husband bought a farm, and they lived out there for many years, but after he died she bought the house across the street from us. How wild is that?!

The boys from the house next to us came over to talk, as well. There seems to be three of them, though there could be a fourth. They seem very friendly and sweet, and Big Sprout made some small overtures at friendship. I don't think I will have to worry about if they will all become friends, though, cuz those boys don't have a shy bone in their bodies. Before long, I am sure they will have invited Big Sprout to join in their games and fun.

Anyway, I am off to shower and get ready to go back to the house tonight....WITHOUT SPROUTS. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish a bit more than I did today!


Lisa said...

I would so do that!! Only I would have dropped the paint can on my toe first, so I could break my toe before I got to clean up the driveway!

it will get better!

Deb said...

Yes, it will get better! This place is yours!

I think your Big Sprout may just have the perfect invitation to be a tomboy for a while...which is all good, of course!

Take care, soon you will be moved into YOUR OWN PLACE and everything will be good. :)

jenny said...

At least you get to paint and clean BEFORE you move your stuff in the house! We had to do it after we moved in and it took us close to 6 months to finish with the painting and moving the furniture around first to do it. The husband and I are the kind of people that do things after the kids go to bed, so there was a lot of late night painting.

Soon, things will come together.. Hang in there!!