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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I gotta say I am sorry to Wendy, Deb, and Kati. My last two posts caused (indirectly) a huge tussle in the Barefoot House, and in a fit of pique I deleted them. I am now sorry that I deleted them, if for no other reason than that it was disrespectful to those of you who had commented.

Deb, thanks for the funny comment. I giggled really hard because that is exactly what the folks I talk to sound like. Funny, but not know?

Kati, thanks for expressing your point of view. I respect it, and though I feel that the core issue is still our dependence on living in an unsustainable way, I agree that oil companies are very like drug dealers making a profit off pitiful addicts.

Wendy, thank you for your supportive comment. It made me feel really understood, which I have been craving lately.

Again, thank you for commenting.


Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Oh I do wish I had read these posts barefoot. Ironically as I read this one a singer sang "I've got a full tank of gas"... she may be on her own there!

Yes we are addicted to oil. Someone was complaining to me about the price of gas/petrol and I made the comment that "We have got where we are by trashing the Earth and screwing the poor, now its payback time". They seemed quite shocked.

The idea that all the world does not live as we do hasn't occured to them, or it it had it had been ignored.

Mysti said...

Sorry I missed the post, but I sure hope that things are calmer in the Barefoot House at the moment.

BTW - Love the new digs! The top image is gorgeous! :) Hugs!

Wendy said...

I have to say that I can relate to my "opinion" causing some strife in my household, and I think your analogy regarding our addiction to oil is apt. My husband disagrees that we need to find alternatives NOW, and that we need to just STOP using oil *period* (I'm ready to rip our out furnace, but he won't let me ;). He believes in "virtualizing in the middle" - everything in moderation, and while I don't disagree, as a "recovered" nicotine addict, I know that it's really an all or nothing kind of thing, because moderation for some is not moderation for others. My husband used to, occasionally, smoke a cigar, when he was in a bar. I smoked a pack of cigarettes per day. I didn't think I smoked a lot.

Anyway, as long as we have access to cheap oil, there's no reason to be moderate, and most people won't be.

Sorry to hear that you're feeling like you're standing alone shouting to the wind. I know the feeling. My only solace is that every so often, my husband will say something that makes me know he's hearing me, and that I'm starting to make some sense, even if I am "over the top" most of the time ;). He isn't riding his bike to work, yet, but he's getting closer to seeing the wisdom in doing so ;). It's a start. I'm sure your husband will be (or is) closer than you think :).

Bon chance, cheri {{hugs}}.

Deb said...

Sorry such a thought provoking post had to cause such strife in your house. Sometimes around home it seems when I voice a strong opinion about anything, I'm either ridiculed or ignored. So I can sort of relate. *Hugs*

Kati said...

OOops. Sorry for any strife I may have contributed. I certainly agree that our best bet for survival is to break our addiction to oil and see a return to public transport instead of individual vehicals, and other forms of electric for heating & cooking in our homes. But, I also think that like a lot of folks with major addictions, this one is going to take some weaning off of, though we'll wind up doing it the "cold turkey" way most like. Our country just doesn't have the common sense to make a conscious effort to put in place a "weaning off" system. Instead we're just going to run out of our "drug" and wind up with a nasty case of withdrawl shakes and possibly a good bit of deaths because of it, before we even out for a future of enforced oil-sobriety. Still.... I think the unfortunate fact is that if we could collectively pull our heads out of our asses RIGHT NOW, there's the resources to make the withdrawls a little less harsh. It's just not going to happen, is all.

Anyway. Again, sorry for any strife I may have contributed to in the Barefoot household.