And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Friday, April 04, 2008


Little Sprout has been saying that for the last few days. She is so excited to see the sun and grass again!

Oh, by the way, out-hai is Little Sprout-ese for outside.

Yesterday I took her outside and let her play with Big Sprout for several hours. We only quit when Little Sprout started eating the fallen birdseed.

Today Dad and I took her to a town close by here that has a park right on the river. I was sure Little Sprout was going to kill herself, though. It seems she has a magnet in her that pulls her towards the river bank no matter what interesting things there are to look at elsewhere. She got very excited when some folks brought their dog for a walk, though she wouldn't get too close.

It was actually a lot of fun, even when we had to keep taking pine cones and sticks out of Little Sprout's mouth.

Note to self:

Make sure you get the Sprouts out to the park regularly this summer

Other than that, nothing much has been happening here at the Barefoot Home. I am continuing to work and work and work, and Mr. Barefoot has been doing his thing. Big Sprout has been trying to be a bit more independent, and has succeeded in getting herself grounded for much of the last couple of weeks.

See? Not much going on.


Lisa said...

I had to laugh at Lil Sprout and the river bank! When Not Quite Grown was brand new, we were at the mall that had a fountain. Almost Grown and I were sitting on the little steps into the fountain with my hand inches from the straps of her overalls.

I turned to say something to Stud Muffin and heard a splash. There was Almost Grown floating face down in about 12 inches of water, unable to put her feet down and stand up! I had to jump into the fountain to retrieve her, wrapped her in NQG's blanket and squish my way, dripping back through the Nordstrom's store to get to the car! Sigh.

The things Mom's have to do so kids can grow up and hate us for a while!

Kati said...

*gasping at Lisa's story* OMG.... It IS scary with little kids and water. When Tay was about 15 months, we went to TX to see my Uncle, Aunt And Dad's mom. We stayed at Uncle J's place outside of Dallas, and along the back border of his yard, he had this miniscule creek running the edge. It was a nice little place, and Tay LOVED to go out there & throw rocks into the creek (thumb-size crawfish were the largest thing in there). But dang.... Gotta keep an eye on that girl!!! (Actually, the swales & ditches around here filled with spring-run-off are worse than that creek was, really, but ANY water seemed to attract that kiddo of mine.)

I hope Little Spout learns quickly that while it's ok to enjoy the water (and the sticks, and the pinecones, and the pebbles) bathing in the water (and eatting the inedibles) is not a great way to enjoy said natural interests.

And, I hope Big Sprout remembers soon taht while she may be getting older, that STILL doesn't make her grown up enough to flout Mom & Dad's rules. *grin*

(I actually snarled at a neighbour girl a couple of years ago who, when 12, told me that seeing as she's 12, and 12 is "almost" 13, then she's a "teenager" and because a teenager is almost an adult, then she's an adult. *shaking head* What kinda F-d up logic is THAT?!?! I told her that she may be 12, but that does NOT make her a teenager, and being a teenager does NOT mean a person is mature enough to make adult decisions. Little idiot.)

I hope you're having a great Friday!

RuthieJ said...

Nothing much going on?? I'd say that's a pretty good thing right now because it gives you all a chance to enjoy being outside now that it's finally decided to warm up!