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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

House Hunting Stinks

Well, since we didn't get the house we kinda wanted, nothing has come on the market that we are really all that interested in. Oh, there have been a couple that would work, but nothing that really sparks my interest. With the economy tanking the way it is and prices rising as quickly as they are (on everything but homes), I am wondering if buying is even a good idea.

Of course, we just got notice that our rent is going up as of July 1st, so that is a vote in favor of buying. I am not stupid enough to think that there won't be many more rent increases coming.

So I am stuck telling myself to just keep on being patient. It is hard. Really hard. I want to move on this! But I don't want to go buying a house that I am not going to like, either.

Mr. Barefoot keeps looking at smaller houses and houses further and further away from the area we want to buy in. I understand that we may have to compromise a bit, but I would almost rather not buy if I can't keep Big Sprout in the same school district and have enough room to garden. I can live with a fairly small house, really I can. After all, right now our apt is (I think) right around 1000 sq ft. No basement, no yard, one car garage. That is small for a family of 4 with space consuming hobbies, if you ask me. I could even deal with a house that had the same square footage if I could get a basement and at least 1/4 acre. Is that so much to ask? One that isn't falling down?

Right now I am fighting with myself. Should we just make an offer on the best of what we can afford that is on the market now? Or should we hold out for something better, knowing that we can't afford exactly what we want?

Why couldn't this be easier?

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Betty said...

I'm no real estate expert, far from it, but I think if it were me, I'd hold off a few months longer. Housing prices are going to continue to drop like a stone, and you might be able to get something better than you though you could by waiting. As it is, it's fast becoming a "buyer's market".