And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Proof I am Mad as a Hatter....

I love dreams. I have a very active and vivid dream life.

I just woke from a dream in which I was Anne Shirley (of Anne of Green Gables fame), but lived with Mr. Barefoot in a home that looked remarkably like my folks' place. While out looking for Big Sprout one day, I found a dentists office in the back field. While talking to the dentist (a handsome young man who ended up being the father of Big Sprout's Dream Friend), I decided I had to leave only to have this nice dentist offer me a joint made from green tissue paper and some form of SuperWeed that he got out of an air-hockey machine there in the lobby of a turn of the century dentist's office. He wrapped the joint like a burrito and I took one toke, after which I kept spitting out mouthfulls of seeds and grass. What followed was a long dream segment of running around trying to convince Mr. Barefoot I was sober (which I was NOT), spitting out mouthfulls of this stuff, and finding that Big Sprout and some of the girls were actually living in the woods and had their laundry hanging up in such a fashion as to make quite an extensive labyrinth. At one point, I stood on a beautiful antique dining table and spoke quite eloquently to the stodgy old grandfather with no teeth who did not approve of the activities going on at this dentist's office.

Don't you wish you were me? I mean, when I think about that dream I figure that it is no wonder that I never want to wake up!


RuthieJ said...

Oh Barefoot, you are a riot! Don't you just wonder what triggers those subconscious thoughts that turn into dreams? (did you eat something unusual for supper?)

brad said...

Dreams about spitting supposedly mean that you want to get rid of something or you are angry.

Dreams about dentists: fear of pain.

Do you want to change something about yourself but are afraid to do it?

barefoot gardener said...

I hadn't eaten before sleep, and nothing too strange in the last 24 hours...

Pretty good! I have a list of "self-improvement" tasks about a mile long, yet I am terrified of change.

But how do you explain the toothless grandfather guy? And the nasty farmer guy with the run down greenhouse? Or the labyrinth of laundry?

Okay, looking at the piles of laundry that need doing around here...maybe I get that last one.

Or maybe my dream was just my version of cable TV?

Gina said...

Interesting dream. It must have layers upon layers of meaning!! :-)

Kati said...

ROFL I've never been able to figure out what dreams like these mean, but this one sounds similar to the wierd dreams I have, as well.... And they're so freaking vibrant.... I can feel, hear, smell, see colors in these kind of dreams.... Is it just me, or do these kind of dreams leaving you feeling rested when you wake up???? It's always the most vibrant dream-sessions that I wake up from most rested.

Thanks for showing me that the women in my family aren't the only odd, vivid-dreamers. It's nice to know that there ARE other odd folks out there who love their funky dreams.

brad said...

I thought I have been providing too many potential solutions in my comments and not doing enough "listening", so I was holding back.