And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Thought Spring Was Supposed To Be Better...

The price of spring (in MN, at least) is a lot of thaw/freeze activity. The last few days have been very warm, and the nights have hovered really close to freezing. This means that all the snow that has been hanging out on our roofs and yards is now melting all over our roads, driveways, and sidewalks and then freezing at night.

This morning at work, I was standing on the stoop trying to determine if the sidewalk had frozen overnight. It was dark yet, so I decided to just test it with my foot.

Bad idea, Barefoot!

The edge of the stoop was solid ice, which I couldn't tell in the dark. So as I went to step down onto the sidewalk both feet went flying out from under me. Luckily I managed to get enough distance from my fall that I didn't smack my head on the stoop, but as the day goes on I am getting stiffer and more sore.

I am pretty sure I didn't do any permanent damage to anything, but the way falls like this work is that you hurt more the second day and WAY more the third. Then you start to get a little better after that. I am learning that as I get older the periods of hurting get longer and longer....not an encouraging thought when I hurt this bad only 3-4 hours after the fall.

Still, soon the freeze/thaw days will be over and we will move into "Mud Season". That isn't too bad hear in the Great Sand Belt of MN. After that is the fun part of spring, and then summer with all it's mosquitoes.

Most importantly, soon I will have dirt to play in and flowers to sniff. I think that is worth a few falls on the ice, don't you?


Wendy said...

Mud season! Ha! Ha! Ha! I had never heard of that until I moved to Maine. I live on a dirt road, and I can really understand the logic behind it ;). It's not quite mud season here, but I know all about the thaw/freeze cycle. We have that too.

Think flowers. They're coming ;).

Love Janis Joplin, btw ;).

Kati said...

Dang girl!!!! Hope the pain goes away quickly!!!!! And, DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!!! We want you to be able to sit in that computer chair long enough to type something up for us, and visit us at our blogs, and if you go wrecking your tailbone, sitting ain't going to be something you'll want to be doing. So, take care, for YOUR sake, AND for ours!!! *grin*

As for "mud season", we call it "break-up" and it's an actual season around here. You go from winter, to break-up, no spring, right into summer.