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Friday, February 01, 2008

So Does This Make Me a Bad Mom?

Umm, yeah. This represents Little Sprout's entire existance right now. She is absolutely IN LOVE with Puff Corn from Old Dutch, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock.

Add to that her unhealthy obsession for professional wrestling, and I begining to wonder if there isn't something wrong with her.

Of course, I have to agree with her that Batista is pretty nice to look at.


Lisa said...

Oh heck! I thought the first three pictures were of your favorite breakfast and some of your relatives!!! Although, some of those fuzzy folks look familiar. Maybe they are my relatives??

I don't know who the last guy is, but he should put away the rubber stamps. Didn't his mama ever tell him not to draw on himself??

barefoot gardener said...

No, no. Breakfast is cigarettes and Mt. Dew, and though my relatives are fuzzy and colorful, they aren't quite that cool.

As for Batista, my thought is that he is really good looking from the neck down and with his clothes on. Still, you gotta give him credit for having a kick a** body!

Kati said...

Oooh, Batista was ok till that last pic. *shudder* PUT THE SHIRT BACK ON!!!! (And the pants, for that matter. I'm sorry, I think speedos look bad no matter who's wearing them.)

At least (excepting the WWE fixation) your daughter has good taste in tv shows. *grin*

Hope you're having a great Saturday!!!

barefoot gardener said...

Ok, ladies. Batista may not look perfect, but Google pics of Ric Flair (yes, he still wrestles after over 30 years) or Big Daddy V. Batista will look positively delicious after you see that!

Lisa said...

Cigarettes and Mt Dew for breakfast! A woman after my own heart... or at least when I was in high school! Every morning when I got to school, I'd head for the snack bar for my usual breakfast, a Hershey bar and a large Coke. Weighed all of 100 pounds then. Am paying for it now!