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Thursday, October 18, 2007


I was, once, an accidental vegetarian. It wasn't anything I did on purpose, I just REALLY like vegetables. Meat usually made me sick. [I am pretty sure now that this was an early sign of my gallbladder trouble] I suppose now and again I would have some chicken, or maybe some venison, but I ate almost exclusively things that grew, not things that were raised.

Now I am considering becoming an intentional vegetarian. Normally, our meat bill isn't very much. My dad hunts, and so does Big Sprout's Honorary Uncle. They both are very generous with their "take". I also pay close attention to sales, and usually get my burger for just over $1 per pound, and I can almost always get my pork for the same. Chicken I splurge on, paying usually between $6 and $7 for a 3 lb bag of boneless, skinless boobs. None of this is organic or local, which I feel guilty about, but $$ is tight and frugality has it's perks.

I realised just the other day how lucky I have been.

For some reason, we just happened to get really low on meat. As in "what in the world am I going to cook for supper there is no meat in the house" low. So I went grocery shopping just for meat. We had plenty veggies, of course.

I can't believe your average joe pays those prices for meat!

That sounds terribly naive, I know, but I was in shock. Still am.

So that evening, I told DH that I was considering going meatless at least part of the time. Being a confirmed carnivore, he was not impressed with that idea. In fact, I think his exact words were "You have fun with that".

This one might be tricky....


Kati said...

LOL I like your hubby's response. That's a good way of saying it without hurting feelings. *wink* Yeah, I don't think I could go vegetarian either. Or, not without some serious prompting anyway. I HAVE talked a bit to the hubby about having one vegetarian meal a week, though. He sounded about as thrilled about that as your hubby sounded about the whole thing. *rolling eyes* Men!!!

And yet, does YOURS complain about the grocery bill???? Because mine does. He gripes if there's "nothing in the house to eat", and he gripes when I actually spend the $$ required to have DECENT food in the house to eat. (Not organic. We can't afford organic, but actual fruit & veggies & such. Not that the junk food is TRULY that much cheaper than decent stuff, but.....)

RuthieJ said...

Hi BG,
Do you know any bowhunters? I'm sure if you wanted to pay for their bonus tag ($15) someone might be willing to get a deer for you. We've got requests from 3 people at work for a deer and I think each bowhunter is eligible to purchase *5* bonus tags (as long as you like the venison).

You're right--the price of meat in the store is shocking. We're almost out of venison at from last year and I'm trying to make it last. The nice thing about being a bowhunter is that I know exactly where my meat comes and it's all natural (with no injected hormones or antibiotics).

barefoot gardener said...

No, hubby doesn't complain. He puts meat into the category of "pay any price if it's what you want". Well, food in general is in that category for him.

Actually, now that I think about it, just about everything is in that category for him.

Well, now, that is a good idea. Most of the bowhunters I know are too busy this year to be out too much, but there is one guy who might be able to help me out. Thanks for the idea!

Gina said...

LOL, thanks for the laugh: particularly the bag of boobs part and your hubby's response!!!

My Hubby loves to eat anything, except onions, peppers, peas, eggplant, get the drift. If it has any meat, even the stuff I find gaggy like livers, he'll gobble it down without a second thought.

I used to be a vegetarian too for just over 13 years. I started eating meat again around 30 and haven't stopped since. I really think meat should be used sparingly both for ecomomic and health reasons, but it is so easy to pick out a meat and plan a meal around it. Bad, bad, bad, I guess.

I really like Ruthie's idea. I may look into that as well.