And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rough Patch

Again, my meds have been changed. Again, I am going through a rough patch with my depression. Again, I am frustrated with this whole thing and just want to be NORMAL for a change.

I cleaned my apt on Thursday. Really cleaned it. I scrubbed the bathrooms, did all the dishes, cleaned out the fridge, I REALLY CLEANED. The house is a pit again today.

Little Sprout has a total obsession with all things ducky. She wants nothing to do with any toys but her rubber ducks that take baths with her. Next thing you know, she will begin resembling Ernie from Sesame Street. If she turns orange, I'm outa here.

Little Sprout has also discovered how to get around the chair we use as a gate to block her into her "safe zone". Little booger.

Big Sprout and Pip are nearly inseperable right now. Pip even gave Big Sprout these shoes.

Don't they look like the kind of thing every 8 yr old should have? Actually, Big Sprout loves them, and who am I to say she can't have them? At least until she breaks her ankle or something.

I think I will just crawl into bed and come out sometime around the turn of the next century.


Kati said...

Yep, those shoes are perfectly adorable in regards to 8-year-old fashion. They also look perfectly deadly. *grin* Then again, I don't know HOW I used to manage in my platform Docs, as a teen.

Good luck keeping little-sprout corralled!!!! Didn't you call her a little houdini in the past??? Well.... just one more trick in her "bag of tricks" I suppose. *wink*

barefoot gardener said...

Hey, now! Platform Docs were at least cool. These are little hooker shoes or something. AND you were a teen. Big diff.

Little Sprout definitely has a fabulous career ahead of her as an escape artist. Look out Chris Angel!

Kati said...

Maybe that's the problem. Not only can I not fit into my platform Docs (which are languishing under my bed, even now, 10 years later), but I can't balance on them if I DO manage to get my feet shoved in decently enough that they semi-fit. LOL Maybe I COULD wear them because I WAS a teen. Now I just want a good pair of crocs, my shearling boots, and my shearling slippers. Anything else just doesn't deserve my feet. *wink*

Eh, in a couple of years Big Sprout will look at those shoes & shudder & think how hideous they were and HOW could YOU POSSIBLY have let her out of the house wearing them. Make sure you get pics!!!! Great blackmail material when she's going through a goth phase in a few years. I mean, what Gothy-girl wants to be caught dead looking like an 80's hooker???? Or reminded that she once liked that look. *wink* Heck, get her in an appropriately clashing pair of leg-warmers and an off-the-shoulder sweat-shirt and you'll never have to worry about her bringing guys home because she'll be appropriately chagrined at the thought that you may show him pics of her in such a get-up.

barefoot gardener said...

ROFL! Oh, my gosh. I honestly can't wait for the goth stage, cuz at least then she will be covered. As long as no piercings or tatoos enter the scene we will be okay.

Deb said...

Sorry you're going through a rough time. Hope your meds catch up with you (in a good way, of course)!

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother cleaning, with three kids, a dog, and a cat in the house...

Wow, I don't think I could even walk in those! They'd be great for my plantar fasciitis...