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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Renaissance Festival 2007...Extreme Edition

Every year, we go to the Renaissance, but we try to go twice. One time is for DH and I to have fun, and one time is more family oriented. This means "bring the kids and do what they want to do". It's actually a lot of fun, but usually the adults don't get to see what they want when the kids are around, ya know?
This year was so cool. Big Sprout is absolutely fearless! Here is a quick rundown of our day...with pics

This is Twig playing to my Sprouts when we first entered. Big Sprout and her honorary uncle (HU from here on out) both got "fairy stones".

Here are Big Sprout and HU posing in the fabulous chain mail items that HU made over the last year. Big Sprout is wearing a princess circlet made of chain mail and accented with amethyst and pearl beads. Beautiful. HU is wearing a shirt and headress of chain. The shirt was quite heavy, but the headpiece is made of aluminum, so is quite light.

Big Sprout and I rode an elephant. It was my first time, and it was actually pretty cool.

Here is where we get to Big Sprout being fearless. She climbed this rock wall (in a dress and BAREFOOT) in just a matter of moments. Spiderman, look out, cuz you ain't got nothin' on my girl! It was so cool! I was cheering her on and having a blast. I am so proud of my monkeygirl!

This was DH's reaction to... wearing this. It was a little out of our price range, but there is always X-mas!

We took the Sprouts through the Enchanted Forest (more pics maybe later).

Big Sprout proved how brave she was AGAIN by jumping way up high on this funky contraption.

Big Sprout made a medalion using a sand casting method. This year she made a horse medalion.

Little Sprout tried to steal everyone's ice cream. She really loves ice cream!

Big Sprout went through the Labyrinth at a dead run, yelling for HU to follow her. The Labyrinth is really to pretty to be treated so shabbily.

And then we were all wore out, so we went home. It was a great day, filled with much more than I have told about here. There was the riding of the jousting horse, the food (oh, the food), walking and walking, all of the workers who complimented HU and my princesses on how great they looked, the shopping, the piccolo horse, and many other good things.

I can't wait till next year!

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Kati said...

Ooooh, looks like a very lovely time!!!!