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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

10 Things....

10 Things I love about being a mom are...

1. Slobbery baby kisses
2. Being able to fix everything with a kiss
3. My magic ability to open packages of crackers
4. I finally get to be the boss
5. Buying cute clothes that would look foolish on me
6. Seeing the world with the wonder of a child
7. Having an excuse to watch all the Disney Classics again
8. Re-discovering the joy of a pb&j lunch
9. Being tough enough to keep the monster in the closet away
10. Having an excuse when I drip food on my clothes (oh, yeah, the kids did that...sure)

What makes parenting great for you?


Kati said...

Who said you have to have kids to enjoy Disney Classics. I've always loved The Little Mermaid (I WANNA BE ARIEL, DAMNIT!) and Beauty & the Beast.

Um, because saturday morning hockey practices are better than saturday morning cartoons (esp. the crap that's on tv the last couple of years).

Finding NEW kids shows to adore, along with one's memories of favorite shows from one's own childhood. (When DD was little I LOVED "Bear in the Big Blue House" and "Little Bear", now "Bear in the Big Blue House" is no longer on TV anyway, at least from what I can tell.)

An excuse to make peanutbutter/honey "balls". (Equal Amounts peanut butter & honey, and enough powdered milk to form into a play-dough-ish mass & roll into bite-sized balls.)

I am finally the one who gets to say "No, raw cookie dough isn't good for you" and when she turns to go back to her room, ticked.... I secretly polish off the dough from the wooden spoon myself. Just like my mom did with my sisters & I. *wink*

the little things that always embarassed me when my mom purposefully did them, and now I'm finding my own little things that'll make MY daughter blush!!!! *BWG* (Mom has this crazy cackle that she'd burst out in at ALL THE WORST moments. Like partially darkened school hallways on Parent-teacher conference evenings, and invariably one of the "cute guys" would be in the same hall and would turn to look. While I tried to open & climb inside the closest locker.)

barefoot gardener said...


Yee-haw! LOL

If you get to be Ariel, then I want to be either Belle or Maid Marion (that chick was FOXY)!

I gotta try those peanut butter & honey balls, they sound too good.

I am so happy to hear that there is a fellow "Bear in the Big Blue House" fan out there! I secretly kept the videos we had when Big Sprout wanted to get rid of them (I am a big girl now, mommy, and that show is for BABIES). If you really start jonesing, you can always watch "It's a Big Big World". Done in the style of "Bear", but with a giant sloth instead. There are also twin monkeys, some kind of fish that's a little bossy, and a book loving tortoise. I love it. Good music, too.

Kati said...

ROFL Sounds just like my daughter.... "*rolling eyes* Mom..... Only BABIES watch disney shows like THAT!!! I wanna watch 'That's So Raven!'" I've never heard of "It's a Big Big World" but it really does sound like a knock off from Bear in the Big Blue House. Gods I loved Tutter's snark, though!

*snickers* Foxy.... Yeah, Maid Marion was cool too! Totally can't stand Snow White, though. Such a shrieky voice! ;)

barefoot gardener said...

I was wrong! Upon watching Big, Big World today, I found out the twins are Marmosets, not monkeys. What the heck is a marmoset?

And I agree about Snow White. The new Disney gals are way better than the old ones. The new girls have so much more personality.