And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Friday, August 17, 2007


So I am a band widow tonight. DH got a call at 7pm, asking if he would be willing to do a last minute gig... tonight! I had already started supper, so I called my mom to invite her over. (Hi, mom, I know you are lurking out there!) The meal was supposed to be steak and potatoes, but since I knew hubby wasn't going to be there I ended up getting a little creative. I make this seasoned potato thing: just potatoes peeled and cut up with a little oil, season salt, garlic, know, the good stuff. Bake until tender. As you can tell, I don't really follow recipes well. Today I happened to have some fresh kohlrabi out of the garden, a few carrots, a rutabaga, and onions out of the garden. So I threw it all together. Then I cooked up half of the steak I had planned on cooking (neither mom nor I are big meat eaters. Especially red meat) with lots of green peppers and onions out of the garden. I threw in some fresh mushrooms, too. To top it off, beans from the garden.

I have to say, the absolute best part was the root veggie thing. I have a passion for kohlrabi and rutabagas to start with, and this was so tasty. I am glad I ended up making enough for about 10 people, because I can see myself eating that for days.

Little Sprout really liked the beans. I am so glad she likes veggies so much. I just hope she keeps it that way. Big Sprout was really good about eating healthy until she got older step-sisters. They ate sugary cereal, so she wanted it. They ate candy all the time, so she did too. I regret ever starting down that slippery slope, because it is so hard now to get her to eat anything green.

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Green.....That reminds me of the two cute little tree frogs that were climbing on the window at work Wed. night. They were kind of fun to watch. Their feet didn't stick to the glass very well. They would be hanging there, seemingly by magic, and slowly they would start to slide down the window. Then they would start to slide faster, and all of a sudden they would start climbing really fast up the window. I kept waiting for one to fall, but they never did. It was a little creepy, though. They were back lit by the lights inside the house, and when their little legs were stretched out it looked like and x-ray. I could actually see their tiny bones through their legs! Yuck. Makes me glad I am not a tree frog.

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