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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Slow time in the garden

Things are winding down in my garden, since I made the decision not to plant a fall crop. Except for some cabbages, kohlrabi, and tomatoes, I am just about done for the year. This depresses me a bit, since I really would like to put away some more food for winter, but if I want to set up next year's garden this fall I have to get cracking on that.

Dad and I have been discussing, and we have decided on 4x8 beds, rather than the longer ones I preferred. I was thinking more growing space, he is thinking ease of getting around them. He has a point, I have often been too lazy to walk all the way around my approximately 3x10 beds this year. I agree that a 4 foot wide bed is just a little too wide to jump over. Especially when it is full of crops. Can I call my veggies crops?

I am loving the cooler weather, and it is inspiring me to get out and do more things in the gardens. Unfortunately, I have been working a lot and have been just too tired to get out there. After this weekend, I have two weeks off, and I will hopefully have a little more time to work on things then. I don't think FIL will mind if I spend his entire time here out in my folks' yard covered in dirt and sweat, do you?

I have also been having the urge to craft like crazy. My Gnome Homes have become an obsession. I comb bookstores and the 'net looking for new ideas, and I am so looking forward to spending some time working on them. I figure if I could find just a couple of days with a baby-sitter, I could get a few of them done soon and see how the new products hold up to the weather before winter rolls around. I don't expect anything to survive a MN winter exposed to the elements. That is just a little much.


Kati said...

Ooooh, what do your gnome homes look like??? If you've got pics I'd love to see!

I think 4x8 veggie beds sound like a good size!

barefoot gardener said...

I posted pics back on June 6, and here is the whatdoyacallit (url?) if you don't want to dig through the archives.

Unfortunately, the adhesive I used didn't stand up to the weather at all, and they have been slowly disintigrating. I think I have solved that problem, however, and plan to rebuild them (with some changes to make them "purty-er".

It would be so much easier if I could use nails or screws, but you know how fairies hate "cold iron"!

Deb said...

All my beds are 4 x 8, and that size seems to work well for me.

I like your new look!

Rion said...

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barefoot gardener said...


I am glad to hear that 4x8 is a good size. Thanks for commenting on the new look around here. I like to "redecorate", but wonder if I sometimes make it hard to read or something.