And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Friday, August 31, 2007

I am so honest I make myself sick...and other things that make me mad

This morning, I went to the bank to take out some cash. I looked at the balance, and was pleasantly surprised to see that my paycheck must have been even larger than I had expected. I went about my day, and later stopped back at the bank to take out some more cash. To my surprise, my balance was about $100 less than it had been earlier in the day! Upon investigation at home, I found that I had taken money out of SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT earlier that morning! Their acct number is very similar to mine, and I guess the teller wasn't paying very close attention when she made the first transaction. I called the bank, and everything got straightened out. Great. They even complimented me on my honesty.

I would have preferred the extra money.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DH went and had his beloved truck worked on today, then went out fishing. I got to go grocery shopping and then do laundry. Oh, I almost forgot, I also got to take care of the kids and clean around the house.


Tomorrow I get to look forward to working a 7 hour shift followed by working the awake overnight.

Needless to say I need a vacation.

Oops! I forgot, I took all my vacation time to watch the kids while FIL is here so that DH and FIL can have some male bonding time.

Little Sprout seems to have decided she wants to be an escape artist when she grows up, making baths and diaper changes nearly impossible.

Go, Houdini.

Big Sprout has been alternately whining and snapping at me all day, resulting in her being banished to her room for the night.

I have been trying to get a shower in all day, but that hasn't happened yet.

I have had a headache for two days, and Little Sprout is testing the upper reaches of her voice.


I have great parents.
I don't have to worry about being able to feed my family.
My home is safe and warm.
My children are healthy and smart.
I have a few great friends.
Soon school, church club, and swimming will start. Big Sprout will not have the energy to be crabby with all that going on.
Little Sprout will grow too fast, and I will miss these days.
DH is really a supportive hubby, most of the time. He just suffers from male-brain-syndrome.

Best of all...

Tomorrow is a fresh day, and nothing lasts forever.


Kati said...

Here's what my strategy for dealing with the my DD is. Find her a best friend in your neighbourhood who's parents adore kids and the more the merrier. Make sure they serve lots of your daughter's favorite food (and yet something you rarely make). Pretend to be somewhat grumpy over how often your daughter wants to spend the night at the friend's house. And in order to prevent reciprocal sleep-overs, make sure to NOT cook the sorts of dinners that the best friend likes. *grin*

(Seriously, my daughter spent the night over at the best-friend's last night & had pizza with them, which we rarely have here. We've had the best friend sleep over here as well, but she prefers to be close to her mom and I like serving REAL meals instead of just pizza. Her parents & grandparents also happen to be good friends of my husbands & father-in-laws, so it's not like these folks are strangers, really.)

Good luck with your Miss Houdini. I'm sure you'll need it. ;)

barefoot gardener said...


Hehe, I used to do that until Big Sprout's best friend moved away. Now we are looking for some new friends. I am picky, though. I have to at least know the parents enough to have a conversation with them, and I need to know that the kids will be safe.