And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, June 11, 2007

plans and thoughts

Well, I opened my big mouth, and now friends and family know how to find my blog. This worried me at first. I like the anonymity of sending my thoughts out into the "void", believing that anyone who reads them doesn't know me and I will never meet them. I have decided, in order to fix my "performance anxiety", to pretend that I don't know that you know what I mean?

I am eating a fabulous salad out of my garden as I write this. It has radish, broccoli, and several kinds of lettuce. Isn't it pretty?

There is plenty left over for later, too.

I wanted to trellis the peas today, since my planned trip to the beach fell through. Unfortunately, my dad is spraying the fruit trees today. I am all for doing things chemical free, but we do get a better harvest when he sprays and it is his yard so he can pick how to do things. I am banned from the yard for two whole days, though. I am horribly sensitive to the poisons in the spray, and get just icky feeling if I am around when it is done. So why do I put it on my food, right? Don't ask questions I don't have the answer for, please.

Little Sprout has begun to fight nap-time. She SCREAMS because she is so tired, but does not want to fall asleep. The only thing that guarantees a nap is a walk in the stroller. Unfortunately she wakes up the minute you try to move her. Which means I might as well nap on the grass next to the stroller whenever I am tired, because that is the only way I will get any shut-eye.

The fern moss I put in for grass in my fairy garden is getting too much sun. I knew it would be iffy, but it looked so good! Dad has strict orders to water it often until I can move it on Wed. The flower bed on the other side of the steps is almost total shade, so that should be better for it. I also need to get cracking making a few more fairy homes. I think about 3-4 should be about right. I feel a little guilty. This started as a fun thing for Big Sprout, and now I am having so much fun I don't want to share at all! My poor dad has been throwing out ideas for what he thinks would look good and I just give him a distant "We'll see" whenever he brings it up. My challenge right now is evening lighting. I tried glow-in-the-dark paint, but it wasn't quite as bright as I had hoped. So I brainstormed for a while and remembered that dad rec'd some solar powered lights a few years ago that have been gathering dust. So I am hoping to come up with some way to make them look like mushrooms. Ideally, they would glow from within at night. I wonder if they will get enough sun to actually charge?

Right now I have so many projects in the planning stage that I can't sleep. I lay in bed and think about how to do this or how to put together that. Then I have to get up and write it down so I don't forget. Once I get one project safely on paper, my mind turns to the next and I lay there with my eyes shut and think about that one. Hopefully I will get going on actually building some of these things this week. Maybe then I can get some sleep.

Well, little sprout finally dropped off, so I am off to the shower and then to lay in bed and think about my next project. I wonder what the exact dimensions on that cupboard really are.......

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