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Thursday, April 19, 2007

You Don't Know Me

Funny, Funny!

The other day I received in the mail something that I normally would have classified as junk mail and tossed without opening. Hubby encouraged me to open it, and it turned out to be from the National Home Gardening Club out of Minnetonka, MN. Basically, for $12 a year they promise to send me their gardening magazine and periodically send gardening tools (or whatever) for me to test and critique for them. Sounds a little too good to be true, if you ask me. But the funny part is the letter that came with it. Here are some excerpts:

"Your name rose to the top of our list because of your dedication to and knowledge of gardening."

"Well, it's no secret among your friends and neighbors that you are an outstanding gardener."

Hah! Most of the people who see my gardens get that silly look you get when you are trying not to laugh in someone's face. I am too ashamed to share the pictures I took of the rabbit that got trapped inside my garden last year because noone would notice the bunny for the weeds.

Still, I got a free packet of seeds and some fertilizer out of the deal. For $12 it's worth checking out.....Right?


Deb said...

I got that same mail! It must be from some seed catalog mailing list. Oh well, at least I can plant some free poppies.

barefoot gardener said...

HeHe, let's hear it for the freebies!