And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, June 19, 2006

Success and Victory!

I checked the veggie patch today, and I found a full size banana pepper just waiting to be picked. This of course prompted a frenzied search of the rest of the garden for anything to munch on, but there was nothing. I have, however, been victorious against the bugs eating my cukes. Each plant has several blossoms, so hopefully there will be fresh cukes for me this summer. The zukes and squash look great, and have lots of blossoms. I love the sight of a growing garden.

I am kicking myself. I have a passion for scallop squash ( I don't know the real name, I just call them patty pan). I have only found one gentleman who grew them locally, and I can't find them in local stores. I guess they aren't very popular in this area. The guy I used to get them from passed on last year. I miss him terribly, and not just for his squash. He was a good friend. Anyway, I swore up and down that this year I would plant some of those yummy squash. I even wrote myself a note in my "garden journal". I found the note today. Argh! It is too late here to start them from seed, and none of the garden centers started any. So, I wrote myself another note, this time with red ink, in bold print and highlighted. Next year for sure.

Update on DDs fishing trip....She caught lots of fish!!!! She is so excited. They were all pan-fish, sunnys and the like. She was so proud when she got home. She has already had one full meal of "her" fish, and we have enough for one more. I am so glad she had fun and brought some home to show us. In true fisherman style, she had to tell us about the one that got was THIS BIG. Her poor "uncle" said that for the first hour he barely got his line in the water, because he was too busy taking fish off her hook and re-baiting. Good girl.

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