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Thursday, November 03, 2011

This Is What Lack Of Planning Gets You... Really.

After months of not really couponing very much (and not really grocery shopping much, my stockpile is that good, people), I casually scanned through the circulars this past Saturday and saw that the grocery store one town north of us (well, really it's 3 towns, but the other two are so small I don't even think they have post offices) was having a KILLER sale on chicken. With no limit.

My little heart went pitter-pat.

Well, when I say there was no limit what I really mean is "it was a one day only sale, but there was no limit on how many I could buy as long as the store had 'em". And the sale was today.

And I worked last night.

And I didn't really nap the way I should have yesterday, cuz I was more interested in cleaning the house and reading blogs.

And today is preschool day, meaning I have to have Little Sprout there at 12:30, and pick her up at 3.

And tonight is Uncle Wolfie night.

And I planned to do a whole chicken in the rotisserie. With herbed rice. Not something Big Sprout is up to doing yet (note to self: teach your child to cook, woman!)

And I'm supposed to be at a meeting at 7:30pm.

And that meeting will go right up until I have to head off for work.

Which will take me through (still awake) until tomorrow.

And then I have shopping and errands to run.

And I know I probably won't go to bed until between 9 and 10pm on Friday.

That's a long time.

So, pretty much, what I have set up here is a day that (though it doesn't look all that busy, really) is scheduled just perfectly to keep me from sleeping at all today. I mean, I could nap for an hour here, or an hour there, but once I'm asleep the likelihood that I will wake in time to start the next task is pretty slim.


So now I'm wondering if I should skip meeting. Or try to give Big Sprout a crash course on finishing a meal. Or.... something.

Cuz I'm tired, people. I'm really tired.

On the Bright Side... now I have motivation to NOT do this again any time soon! ;-D

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