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Friday, October 14, 2011

Homemade Tater Skins

There is nothing I love quite so much as homemade tater skins. I found a recipe for them in an old cookbook (wow! You can get them cheap!) my mom got when I was a young teen, and drove my mom nuts baking up all the potatoes in the house to make 'em. These are seasoned with dill, onion, and garlic. Yummy!!! Luckily for me, tater skins are the one thing I have never ruined while cooking. I don't take the time to make these often enough!

I have long since given up following the recipe, but the general process is so simple it's hard to mess it up.

Step 1: Bake potatoes. As many as you think you want to bake. I usually fill my cookie sheet half full. You'll see why in a minute.

Step 2: Let potatoes cool enough to handle. Cut in half the long way. Scoop out the innards, leaving a thin (1/4 inch?) shell of potato around the edge. (use the parts you scrape out to make mashed potatoes or potato cakes, or something equally yummy)

Step 3: Melt butter (about 1 stick for every 4 potatoes (or 8 halves)). Mix in desired seasonings (keep the total amount of seasonings to around 2 tsp for every 4 taters).

Step 4: Dip tater skins in butter/seasoning mix. Put them back on the cookie sheet. See? This is why you only wanna half fill it the first time. This way you know you can fit them all back on!

Step 5: Bake at 400deg F for about 20-30 min, depending on how crunchy you like them.

Serve with whatever toppings make you happy! Sour cream is a standby at Barefoot Manor, but I bet you creative folks could come up with a bunch of things to put on those babies!

My favorite seasonings are dill, garlic and onion, but I know some folks who love to make taco flavored ones, or super spicy ones with hot pepper flakes. I am thinking about trying some with ground mustard, too. I have found that I prefer to salt them (if I choose to use salt at all) AFTER I am done cooking them. Some coarse salt sprinkled on the top looks pretty, and I find I need less salt to get the flavor I want.

Big Sprout likes these for an afternoon snack, and Little Sprout just likes to eat the sour cream. I am thinking they would probably freeze well, for quick snacks later or even an evening meal of taco skins, complete with taco meat, lettuce, 'maters, and chopped onions on top! Ooooh, yummy!

Just thought I would share ~ ;-)


jenny said...

yum yum yum! You'd be my best friend if you were closer! I LOVE potato skins. If we ever go to a restaurant that has tater skins as an appetizer, I am sure to order it! My aunt gave me 100 pounds of taters last year, so I made a s--tload of tater skins and froze them before the final step of baking them crispy. SO yummy! We like cheese and bacon on ours with a dollop of sour cheese and lots of black pepper. Ok, I know what I'm eating for dinner tomorrow! :o)

jenny said...

did I really say "sour cheese"?!?! I meant SOUR CREAM!!! Duh me!