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Friday, May 13, 2011

First, Last, and First Again...

Wednesday was Little Sprout's first AWANA award ceremony. She sang, she danced, she recited bible verses. It was fun to watch her doing something she enjoys so much. She is very proud of her certificate and little bear pin indicating she worked her way through the first book. I am glad she had so much fun this year, and hope that she doesn't have too much of a fit on Wed when she realizes there will be no more AWANA till fall.

It was also Big Sprout's last AWANA award ceremony. She is now old enough to be a part of the church youth group. She seems glad to be moving up and on, but I can't help feel a little twinge over my "baby" growing up. AWANA has been a great experience for her over the years. She has made some great friends and been introduced to some fun activities she otherwise would have missed out on.

And today I baked my first ever loaf of homemade bread. I used a bread machine (thanks, mom!), and the bread was ready when I got home from the Traditional Friday Lunch with my father. The smell of fresh baked bread when I walked in the door was WONDERFUL. The bread itself is a little dense, so next time I will be fiddling with the recipe a bit, but overall I think it was pretty good for a first timer! I am so excited to overcome my fear of the bread machine (silly, I know). Now that I know that I CAN make bread without poisoning anyone, I am very much looking forward to trying all sorts of breads....

~...and that's all I have to say about that...~


Lisa said...

Congrats to the girls!!

And congrats to you on the bread. I know you are feeling accomplished! If you decide to make bread on a regular basis, here's a tip. I used to assemble little baggies with all the dry ingredients except the yeast. That way, I didn't have to drag out all the canisters to load the machine. Just add yeast, dump the bag and add whatever water/butter was needed.

Can't wait to see future loaves!

Finding Pam said...

That is so great that your girls are learning all of their scriptures. They will remember it all of their lives.

Nice looking loaf of bread. Our son and his wife make home made pizza dough and then he grills in on the BBQ. It is the best pizza I've every had.

I love the tag along bike for little Sprout. TOo cute.