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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Yellowstone - Day 2, Part 1: The NorthEast Entrance

Everyone felt great after a night spent in a real bed, and after helping ourselves to the hotel provided breakfast, we headed off on the first fun day of our vacation. This was the day we were to spend in Yellowstone National Park!

We were beyond excited as we left the hotel and started out for the Northeast Entrance of Yellowstone. I had planned that we would go over Beartooth Pass, visit my favorite city of all time ~ Silver Gate ~ and then spend the day going slowly through the park. Mr. Barefoot was kind enough to pull over and let me take pictures when I saw this beautiful creek running through the bottom of the valley. Or maybe he just wanted a few minutes peace from my "ooohs" and "aahhhhhs". Whadda you think?

We started up Beartooth Pass, and I almost started to regret my choice. The grade was steep, the road was curvy, and I was just sure that we were going to plunge to our death at any moment. Mr. Barefoot was cool as a cucumber, though, and soon we reached the overlook near the top of the mountain. It was raining (again), but that was fine when we realised we could look down on a rainbow! If you look really carefully, you can see it in this pic.

The Sprouts were happy to be out of the car again, and we decided to walk all the way out on the overlook.
I got lots of great pictures on the mountain.....

.....but Little Sprout was cold and didn't want her picture taken. Little stinker!
We got all the way to the top of the mountain (where it was raining too hard to take pictures) only to find the gates closed! We had gone all that way, only to find that we needed to turn around and find another entrance to the park. I don't know what disappointed me more: not being able to share my favorite city of all time with my family, or losing over 2 hours of "park time" in travelling to another entrance.

Mr. Barefoot's enthusiasm was undiminished, though, and he kept up a happy chatter as we headed off to the East Entrance of Yellowstone.

Stay tuned for Day 2, Part 2!


Anonymous said...

Isn't that little girl in the pink kinda big for a pacifier? Other than that, grate pictures.

barefoot gardener said...

Anonymous- Why yes, she is a little older than most Nuk users. However, that is my choice as her parent.

When you introduce me to your perfectly well adjusted children that you have raised to adulthood, we will talk. Furthermore, I might actually listen to you after you have proven, without a doubt, that you have never made a controversial choice with said children.

Or I might just wait until you learn how to spell "great" before listening to anything you say.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my apology. Your points are valid. I am ashamed for ever making the statement.

barefoot gardener said...

Thank you for being brave enough to say you're sorry, Anonymous. It takes a good person to do that.

In return, I extend apologies for snapping at you. Letting myself get cranky like that is ugly and unnecessary. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Friends. Thank you. You have a good heart.