And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Taking A Walk

Waking up in the light
Of a shining new day
Giving thanks to the moon
For guiding my way
There is no greater gift to the soul
Lie in each breath that my body can hold
So great spirit
Hear my voice, today

Life is simple and clear
When you make the right choices
It’s true that you’re here
When you find your own voice
Oh, my brothers and sisters believe
You are just what you are meant to be
Oh, great spirit
Hear my voice, today

Welcome, magic
Welcome sweet sun ray
Love is no secret
Look all around you
Welcome to this day

~Melissa Etheridge - Welcome To This Day (Theme Song for Brother Bear

Yeah, yeah, I know. Who quotes songs from kids movies, right?

Little Sprout has re-discovered the joys of Brother Bear, and I have been watching it over and over and over. I do like Melissa Etheridge, so it is fun to listen to her while the little one is watching and I am putzing around the house.

Have you ever seen how, after a few days of spring rain, the world gets so green that it doesn't even seem real? I feel, sometimes, like I am living in an old Technicolor movie. The color is just so intense that it's easy to imagine little fairies running around with buckets of bright paint and tiny little paint brushes, deftly coloring each leaf, blade of grass, and flower with vibrant color.

I have been spending time down at the river by my house. I like watching the water bubble over the rocks where the old bridge used to be. The birds there are pretty brave, letting me come quite close before flitting away. I have been lucky to be able to steal a few minutes away from Little Sprout to go by myself (a blessing, since she is always trying to jump in the water when Mommy isn't looking), and am amazed by how much calmer I feel for the rest of the day after those quiet moments. I had forgotten how nice it could be to take my camera and just go walking by myself.

Silly of me.

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Deb said...

I have been noticing the colors! It is great you live so close to the river so you can spend some recharging moments there. There is nothing like flowing water.