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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Snuggle Time

When Big Sprout was young. I read to her all the time. Sometime around the summer after she turned 3, we began the routine of reading stories every night before bed. We started with little kid books, then worked our way up (as she became more interested in the story, not the pictures) to reading the Little House books, the Chronicles of Narnia, The Secret Garden, and other childhood favorites of mine.

Mr. Barefoot has been on my case just lately to start reading to Little Sprout the way I did for Big Sprout. So I started a couple of weeks ago. It is much harder this time around, as my work schedule does not allow me to sleep at the same time two days in a row, and often I need to be sleeping when it would normally be story time. I keep trying, though.

So far, these are Little Sprout's favorites. I actually received Sweet Pickle Books when I was a child, myself. Each character has a personality trait that is uniquely theirs, and each book focuses on that character and both the good and the bad that can come from those personality traits. They are cute little reads, and the art is fun and colorful.

This is another favorite. I got a copy of this book from the hospital when Big Sprout was born, and I absolutely LOVE it. I still get teary just about every time I read it to either of the Sprouts. Little Sprout likes it because it has enough repetition that she is learning the words, and she likes the fact that the little boy makes more trouble that she does..... or so she thinks.

I am really loving having Snuggle Time with Little Sprout. I think it is the only time during our day that she is not climbing on something, begging for food, asking to go outside, or breaking something. I get to enjoy being a mom for those few minutes, and it is time that I desperately need to connect with my "spirited" child. Of course, now she begs for Snuggle Time all day long. Irritating, but at least I know she likes it, right??

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Katie Nave said...

Story time doesn't just have to be at bedtime! I started telling Bella a Princess Bella story before bed every night about a year ago (she was 2 1/4) but we read stories whenever. Usually it's 3 before bed, but sometimes it's the 2 hours when baby is napping! She got 148 books in 2 weeks and won $5 from her preschool so I spent it on a Clifford reading game so next time she can read herself. Reading is so special and I'm sure your Little Sprout will do so much better in life because her mommy took time to snuggle and read with her! (as Big Sprout is no doubt doing now since daddy is encouraging it again)