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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Little Sprout has decided to use the potty like a big girl!

I know it sounds like such a silly little thing, but I am so excited about it. She turned 3 this past October, and I was despairing of her EVER deciding that potty training was a good thing. I tried movies (she loved them, but didn't seem to take the hint), books (same as the movies), treats (would pee in the pot until she had a bellyache from the treats, then go back to wetting herself), making her run around naked (yeah, that was a mess). I made her sit on the potty chair every hour, even going so far as to bring it out into the living room so that she didn't have to leave her TV show to sit. I gave her books to read in hopes that she would sit long enough to actually accomplish something on there. I made a big deal out of "big girl panties". I even stooped so low at one point as to actually try shaming her into training.... That one didn't last long, cuz I just can't see making your kid think that their body and it's functions are wrong.... Every single thing that anyone suggested, I tried. All to no avail. Little Sprout just was NOT interested in using the pot like a big girl.

Then, about a week and a half ago, she just.....decided. That is all I can say about it. I didn't really change anything I was doing, she just started sitting on her potty chair and actually DOING something. And her pull-ups were staying dry. I jumped up and down, I cheered, I gave her treats, I bought her stickers. I don't think I can adequately describe the sheer joy that filled my little Barefoot heart at the sound of her "making a tinkle" in the potty chair. She gets to "slush" the toilet, and we wave goodbye to her deposits as they travel down the sewer pipe highway to visit their friends and relatives that she "slushed" the day before. We have gone bat-poop crazy around here.

Yesterday, she found the cotton panties I bought for her (ages ago now, it seems) and INSISTED that I allow her to wear them all day.

Ya know what? She stayed dry ALL DAY LONG.

I could cry.

But the best part? It's the euphemism that she has come up with for having a BM. She calls it "making rocks".

And no, I am not kidding about that. Even MY imagination is not up to something that far out there.....


Deb said...

Congratulations to the big girl! I always had the attitude that when they want to, they will do it, and no sooner. "making rocks"...LOL!

Lisa said...

Yipee for the Sproutlet!! She sounds like she has the same... er..."determination" and way with words that you do! Apple falling form the tree, and all.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

"Even MY imagination is not up to something that far out there....."

Are you sure about that Barefoot?