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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Why Late Night Infomercials Are Very, Very Bad

For those of you who don't know, this is a Cricut. Cricuts are totally awesome scrapbooking tools. You buy your little cartridge, stick it in the machine, and make all these super awesome scrapbooking doohickeys. You can also cut vinyl for decorating, or make your own stencils, or whatever you want.

My little Barefoot Heart is filled with lust over this thing.

The worst part is, I spent almost 3 hours last night watching the Cricut Expressions infomercial last night. Don't judge me, there really and truly was nothing else on.

I would be perfectly content without one of these marvelous creations if I didn't sit and watch the commercials for them all night. Well, maybe not perfectly content.....but I would be a lot closer to content without the commercials. After all, they are really cool little machines.

Someday Mr. Barefoot is going to win the lottery, and on that day the first thing I will buy is going to be a Cricut.


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Redroach said...

My wife stamps and makes hand-made cards. I know all about the cricut. She does not really want one and her mother is getting one for her for christmas (Shhh, she has no clue) but it cracks us up how the Weekly Hobby Lobby 50% of One Item coupon always excludes cricuts.