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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

People Really Can Change

As my former roommate (and Mr. Barefoot, though he won't if he knows what's good for him) can tell you, I haven't always been the best housekeeper in the world. In fact, you could have safely called me a huge pig in the old days.

But people can change. With medication controlling (for the most part) my depression issues, a mild form of OCD has surfaced regarding my home. You can always tell when my meds aren't working, because the house falls apart.

Example: I can not STAND the smell of a musty dishrag. I don't care if it is only a few hours old. If it hasn't been properly rinsed and hung, I can smell it the minute I walk in the door. And it's NASTY. I much prefer having a fresh dishrag every day, and practically boiling each one between uses.

Example: I like to have my cupboards tidy. Make that: I NEED to have my cupboards tidy. I don't go so far as to alphabetise. Yet. But I like everything to be all neat and tidy. No Tupperware falling out on my head, lids with their appropriate item, canned veggies on one shelf, pasta on another, measuring cups nicely nested in their drawer....You get the idea. It makes cleaning a little harder, because I can't just shove stuff out of sight, but it is so nice to open a cupboard and be able to lay my hands on just what I am looking for without digging.

Example: I hang Little Sprout's clothes in outfits. I can't STAND it when Mr. Barefoot puts a bottom with a top that I haven't previously approved. I know that sounds a little control freakish, but he puts the pants with the cherry design with the top that has a heart design on it. They don't match and it makes me crazy. Not that everything has to be perfect, really. I don't fuss too much over a few stains (she's a kid, after all, and stains EVERYTHING), but I really want the top and bottom to make sense together, ya know?

So I am spending today putting things back to rights. I had taken a little side trip into Depression~land for a few weeks, and couldn't seem to find my way back to the real world for a while there. I must be feeling better, though, because the house is just BUGGING me today. I want everything back in it's place....YESTERDAY. Of course, I have to work tonight, which means there has to be time for a nap sometime.....but I can do that AFTER I make things right with my home, right?



RuthieJ said...

Hi Barefoot,
I'm glad you're feeling better from your side trip to Depressionland! And I'm not the best housekeeper in the world either, but I'm like you about my cupboards and keeping stuff neat. What I can't understand is why my husband is so freakishly obsessed with keeping his vehicles clean but can't keep anything organized inside the house? You would shudder if you saw the messy stacks of freshly washed and folded clothes in his closet (why do I even bother??) Talk about Mars & Venus!!

barefoot gardener said...

Ohmygosh! Your hubby does that, too?! It makes me CRAZY that Mr. Barefoot won't put his clothes away!