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Monday, June 01, 2009

Three Years and 800 Posts

Can you believe that I just had my 3 year blogiversary, and here I am writing my 800th post? Wild, I tell ya.

I have had to rename That Damn Cat. Last night she demonstrated that she is exceptionally smart for a feline. She figured out how to paw open the patio screen door to let herself outside. Since she is an indoor/declawed kitty, this in itself was not enough to get her a new name.

The REAL excitement came around 11:30pm. I had finally kicked my good friends Loop and Mr. P out of the house, and was just winding down to head off to bed, when I heard huge thumping sounds in the house. I figured that one of the Sprouts had kicked the wall or something in their sleep, and figured I would check it out on my way to bed.

A few minutes later I was walking through the living room to head upstairs when I noticed something gray and fuzzy on the floor right by the bottom of the stairs. At first I figured it was one of Little Sprout's toys, and was just going to grab it and throw it at her toy bin. As I bent over, though, I realised that it was a bona fide dead animal, right there in the middle of my floor.


It was some kind of rodent, smaller than a squirrel but bigger than a mouse, with a fuzzy tail. It was actually kinda cute. Or woulda been if it still would have been breathing.

Still, I have a rule that no wild animals are allowed in my home. It just gives me the creeps to think of bugs and rodents and things letting themselves in and out of my house. I figure that this particular critter got in while That Damn Cat was showing off her mad door opening skills.

That Damn Cat then hunted it down and killed it, leaving it where I was sure to find it.

Thanks, Cat.

Anyway. I was very grateful to know that the Cat was taking such good care of me. Cuz I really, REALLY do hate when there are wild animals in my house. So the Cat got lots of love, and much praise for killing the vicious beast. I gave strict instructions that the Cat was to kill any and all rodents that dared cross the threshold of Barefoot Manor.

Upon receiving this solemn charge, Cat looked at me with a certain amount of pathetic pleading and asked (oh, so politely) if I could PLEASE stop calling her That Damn Cat.

Overcome with gratitude (and a little soft in the head) I instantly granted her wish, naming her Super Smart and Ferociously Mighty Warrior Queen Cat of the Universe....Mighty Cat for short.

I think she is pleased with the new name.


Deb said...

Congratulations, O Mighty Cat! And congratulations, O Mighty Barefoot Blogger, for sticking with it and writing some good stuff! :)

jenny said...

Go Mighty Cat!! :o)

Of the 4 cats we have outside, the lone female is the best hunter. Lucy is always leaving voles, moles and mice on our doorstep. The indoor cat, BC, does a pretty good job with mice, too. One day I pulled out the drawer under the stove and moved a cookie sheet I had in there and out popped a mouse! Eek! I called for BC and pointed out the mouse and BC promptly pounced and did his duty. Good cat!

barefoot gardener said...

*Mighty Cat bows in acknowledgement of the honors due her*