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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh, Bless My Aching Body Parts

Yikes! Yet again That Damn Cat woke me at 5:30am. This time it was for a good reason. Somehow she had gotten shut in Little Sprout's room all night, and Little Sprout was entertaining herself by torturing the poor feline.

I went out to the yard and did some fussing before loading the Sprouts into the car to head over to my folks' place. Dad had granted me use of his truck to pick up brick from my pal Mr. P's place, and I wanted to get an early start.

I got to the folks' place around 8am, and they were still sleeping. Since Mom is temporarily retired (she got laid off in (I think) Feb) and Dad has been working lots of overtime, I figured I would let them sleep and start hauling hostas in my car. By the time I got a carload dug out of the ground, though, it was just after 9am and I decided that my early start would never happen if I didn't wake them up and get the truck key from Dad.

One thing led to another, and I didn't get home with the truck (full of hostas at this point) until NOON. I was not really happy with that. Still, those hostas needed to be safely planted in their new home before I could take off to pick up brick.

I started by digging some of the hostas that the previous owners planted in the space between our two driveways. Yeah, I know, we are cool and have two driveways for one garage. I have never, EVER seen hostas so overgrown in all my life! My plan had been to have two rows of hosta, alternating the solid green with this pretty white and green I have, but after hauling out about seven tons of hosta I decided that fancy was just too much work. So I just thinned...and thinned....and THINNED those dang hostas.

I started planting the hostas (both the ones from the folks' place and the ones dug from the driveway) at around 1pm. Pretty soon I ran out of room, so I put on some speed and dug another bed to hold the rest. Except THAT bed ran out of room, so I dug two more. When those were full, I just took an entire section of the yard and started digging holes in it. Then I ran around to all the holes, dumped in some compost and a hosta, and finally went back to each one and really pressed them in and filled in all the holes with dirt and compost. Then I made Big Sprout go around to each newly planted hosta with the hose and the watering attachment to give each a much needed drink after all that trauma.

I think Big Sprout liked her job. She put on her swimsuit and spent as much time watering herself as she did watering the plants.

I finally finished with the hostas at 6:50pm. All told, I transplanted 71 today, and I could have divided many of them into more. Seriously, I could have easily have had nearly 200 hostas in my yard if I would have been stingy with the divisions.

I have blisters on my blisters.

Needless to say, not one single brick has moved from Loop and Mr. P's property to mine yet. Dad gave me an extension on the truck loan until Monday at noon, and I am bound and determined to get all that brick moved by then. How much brick could be in an old chimney and a section of old foundation, anyway?

Oh, gosh. I need help.

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