And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Kahlil Gibran

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Flare

Lisa requested that I send up a flare to let y'all know that I am still alive.

Well, I am alive. Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. I have been....well, I guess the best word would be distracted. Things have been happening so quickly here in the Barefoot Manor that I can't seem to keep my head on straight.

Let's see, what has happened since my last we go:

-Had a Dr. appt. Am supposed to get my thyroid checked.....I don't wanna
-Mr. Barefoot bought a boat. I would tell you all about it, but I don't know much about boats. As long as it floats, I am happy.
-Mom and Dad Barefoot took the Sprouts to the circus. Everyone had a blast, and Little Sprout got very upset when the "E'fants" (elephants) had to go home. She really loves her "E'fants"
-Mr. Barefoot, Dad Barefoot, and Wolfie all got together and moved the nasty, horrible garden shed out of the sun so that I can now build my garden boxes and get my veggie plots going.
-I got new glasses. I love them! A good friend saw me after I got them, and thought I had lost a whole bunch of weight. I figure any glasses that can make me look 20 lbs lighter are keepers
-I ended up replacing my poor old van. The stupid thing just kept falling apart, and I had to get something that wouldn't leave me stranded somewhere. So I now have the absolute newest vehicle I have ever owned. It is exciting and fun to have something so pretty to drive.
-Mom and Dad Barefoot took Bro, Big Sprout and I to Riverdance today to celebrate Mother's Day. It was lots of fun! I am so glad I got the opportunity to see it in person.
-I have had several minor meltdowns over things going on around Barefoot Manor and work. I am just overwhelmed and needing......I don't know what I need, but I am not getting it.
-I have rec'd a few blog awards from some gracious and wonderful friend bloggers. I promise I will get them up here and do the whole 'pass on the award' thing....soon.

So. That is about it. Again, I am sorry for not being very good about posting just now. I have lost my focus a bit, and am working on finding it again. Hopefully I will be back to my cheerfully dysfunctional self soon....


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S the BG I've come to know and love :-)

The Rambling Taoist said...

Hey, no apologies necessary. It sounds like you've had your hands full. Besides, while blogging is nice -- particularly for those of us who follow yours -- it really shouldn't show up very high on a person's list of priorities. :)

Finding Pam said...

You just hang in there. It sounds like you have been very busy. Remember, this too shall pass. Just put one foot in front of the other and keep on going.

Take good care of yourself.

Happy Mother's Day.

Lisa said...

Well, with new glasses, I'm sure your "focus" will improve soon! LOL

Thanks for the update. I was beginning to worry that you had gone face first into the cheesecake and smothered yourself!! Nope, just busy as always!!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

We all were concerned about you and are just glad that you are back with us again.

I was sorry to read about the 'minor meltdowns', I did wonder if they were as 'minor' as you let on though. We live in fast changing times and for the concerned individual,(i.e. you) rather than those that ignore what is going on around them, life can at times be difficult.

Otherwise, the news all sounds to be positive. You have got glasses that make you look lighter, I just wish I could get some glasses that would make me look intelligent...

Kati said...

*grin* Those glasses certainly DO sound like keepers!!!! Glad you found some new glasses AND a new van that you like so well.

As for the rest, keep plugging, dear.

OH, and I am TOTALLY jealous of the Riverdance show! I would buy tickets in a heart-beat if they ever come to my town. How awesome. I'm glad you got to go enjoy the show for Mother's Day.