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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Tie (Rod) That Binds

First off, I have to let y'all know that I "fell off the wagon" and had
myself a smoking/Mt.Dew binge for a coupla days there. I have picked myself up
and am starting again, though. As soon as stops being a pain in
the backside I will reset my numbers and get my doohickey back up

Did you know that some genius put a thingy in cars that makes sure that the tires are all "looking" the same way? Wow, that Ford guy was pretty special. I didn't know that until Friday, when my thingy (found out it is called a tie rod) BROKE. Without even ASKING.

I was driving up to the bank when, while going around a corner, my car let out a scream. Since the bank was only 1-2 blocks from my folks' house, I thought that I would be able to finish my business and carefully get the car to their house.

I was wrong.

As I turned into the bank drive-thru, my car gave a shudder and refused to move forward or back. Getting out and moving around to the front of the van, I noticed that the front tires were "cross-eyed". Great.

After a flurry of frantic phone calls, I finally got the car moved to a parking space (out of the way of crazy people racing to the bank to get their $$) and was on my way to my folks' place to wait for Mr. Barefoot to fix my poor disabled van.

Hours passed, still no fix for the van.

More hours passed....rain moved in.

Then came the phone call. They were giving up for the day, and would return to fix my car after dropping me off at work the next day.

A horse is sounding better and better every day....


CG said...

made me laugh on the horse. I so agree.

But cry on the cigs.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Cars always go so much better when the front wheels point in the same direction.

We all look forward to seeing the Quitmeter up and running again as much as you did seeing your car up and running.

Lisa said...

Don't worry about falling off the wagon, honey! You just get back on that horse and keep riding! Maybe keep the Dew in your diet for a while until the cigarette monkey is off your back??

Hope the car is fixed soon!

Kati said...

I'm with Lisa, maybe you should simply work on giving up the cigs for now, then the sodas after the cigs are gone. But best of luck with whatever you do!!!! Seriously..... I wish you all the best in your struggle to quit smoking.

As for the car issues..... Damn!!! That sucks!!! I hope they can get your car back to ya in good condition before you have time to go buy a horse. (Just remember, hauling 2 sprouts AND groceries on a horsse is not a good situation.

Wendy said...

Yesterday, we got into the hubby's car, he turned the key in the ignition, and ... nothing. Well, there was an ominous clicking, but no purring engine. He thinks it's a very expensive computer.

I suggested we try to sell his car to salvage, or something, and get a motorcycle as our "second" car (because he still thinks we need a second car, even though we lived for a month with, essentially, one car while my adult daughter was staying with us, and it was parked at his work - anyway).

Instead, I picked him up from work today, and he came home and started looking at fixing one of the three adult bicycles we have ;).