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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Nap Time, Baby

10am - get home from work. Little Sprout is asleep in the van, but wakes as soon as I try to get her in the house.

12pm - feed Little Sprout lunch

12:30pm - mention to Little Sprout that it will soon be nap time

12:45pm - Little Sprout puts her duckies down for a nap. I take this as a sign that she is ready to settle down a bit, and lay her down with her special blankies and froggie.

1pm - go back to Little Sprout's room and put her back to bed.

1:20pm - go back to Little Sprout's room and put her back to bed. Tell her that it really IS nap time now.

1:45pm - hear "my BUTT! my BUTT!" coming from Little Sprout's room. When I open the door, Little Sprout hands me a double handful of wipes and a diaper that she somehow managed to climb up onto the changing table to get. She is right, she needs a diaper change.

Change diaper, put Little Sprout back to bed. This time I am VERY FIRM that it is nap time, and she needs to sleep.

2:25pm - lay down in bed and turn off the monitor. Little Sprout is still making so much noise playing that I can hear her quite clearly without it.

2:40 - yell for Little Sprout to get back in bed and go ni-night. Little Sprout yells back "NO WAY!"

3pm - wake from a doze to Little Sprout banging on her door with something hard. On investigation, find that she has taken one of her play-spoons and is using it as a door-knocker. Put her back in bed and tell her she MUST nap.

3:30pm - give up and let Little Sprout out of her room. She immediately runs into my bedroom and climbs up on the bed. I climb in next to her, thinking that at least we can lay there quietly and I can rest. Little Sprout snuggles in and covers us both up. I close my eyes, thinking there is a chance we will both be able to sleep a little.

3:40pm - wake to the feeling of little fingers peeling up my eyelids and a view of Little Sprout gazing deeply into my one (now) open eye. "hewwo" she giggles.

3:45pm - cover my face with a pillow to protect my eyes from prying fingers. Put on cartoons in hopes of distracting the little one while I doze.

3:47pm - take 3 Chap Sticks, 2 markers, and a ball point pen away from Little Sprout.

3:50pm - fend off little "tickling" fingers. They scratch more than tickle.

3:53pm - give up on rest, take Little Sprout downstairs. get her a snack and use the restroom.

3:55pm - come running out of the restroom to rescue Little Sprout from the master bedroom, where she has shut herself in and can't figure out the doorknob to get back out. Shut the door firmly behind us on our way back downstairs.

4pm - watch in horror as Little Sprout dumps an ENTIRE bowl of cereal all over my freshly cleaned floor. Lose my cool a little when she calmly asks for more.

Oh, I hope Mr. Barefoot comes straight home from work today....


Lisa said...

Breath in, breath out... repeat as necessary!

And ignore the sniggers and whispered "been there, done that" coming from blog!!

Deb said...

Oh geez. TORTURE! If you haven't progressed on you new goals, I totally forgive you. I don't think my kids ever knew what naps were, so I feel for ya.

barefoot gardener said...

It is cruel to laugh at my pain, you know...

Big Sprout never had nap-time, but with my overnight schedule I NEED Little Sprout to at least be safe in her room and quiet for a couple hours during the day....I am hoping that if I am just really consistent she will eventually get the idea