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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Accomplished Today

I have been a Busy Bee today. So far I have managed to

-shower 1 time
-listen to Little Sprout tell me that "The do' is stuck! Mommy, you bettah open it up fo' me!" 12 times during that shower
-tell Little Sprout the door is shut on purpose 9 times
-wash and dry 6 loads laundry
-put away 4 loads laundry
-cleaned 2 bathrooms
-pulled 1 nasty, slimy hairball out of the shower drain
-went through all meds and tossed the expired ones
-fed Little Sprout 3 meals
-changed 4 diapers
-swept and mopped 3 floors
-sneezed 17 times from dust
-cleaned the computer cabinet
-unpacked 2 boxes of things that belong in the computer cabinet
-took out 6 bags of trash
-fed Little Sprout 2 snacks
-filled 1 box with papers to be filed
-filled 1 box with papers to be shredded
-filled 1 box with items for the thrift store
-filled Little Sprout's sippy cup 5 times
-made 700 trips up an down 2 flights of stairs
-checked the mail 1 time
-made 3 important phone calls
-chases Little Sprout out of the work room 3 times
-cleaned the master bedroom (oh, it was embarrassing....has been a dumping ground since the Holidays)
-made 1 shopping list
-took $1.45 out of Little Sprout's mouth (she kept finding change in the couch cushions)
-carried 15 dishes to the sink
-dusted 45 surfaces
-washed 3 mirrors
-lifted Little Sprout off the bed where she was bouncing 6 times
-hung 1 curtain
-drank 1 24oz bottle Mt. Dew
-turned down the thermostat 2 times (I was working up a sweat)
-ate 1 bowl goulash
-chased Little Sprout out of Big Sprout's room 4 times
-wrote 2 blog posts
-put away 50 magazines
-picked up Little Sprout's toys 3 times (I have now given up)

I think I am done for the night....I am too sore to go on. I have high hopes for tomorrow, though. I figure I can finish the rest of the house and start working on the garage.....maybe.


Deb said...

Wow, what a busy day, even though it may seem like you have not gotten ahead! No wonder my life with toddlers seems like such a blur now...

Fr. Peter Doodes said...


It was a great relief when I did a Google Search to find that 'Moutain Dew' (we don't have it over here) was not a brand of US whisky!

Lisa said...

It's not even 8 AM and I'm tired reading your list. I'd go take a nap, but I have a big Anatomy lab test today and need to get ready. Darn you for wearing me out first thing in the morning AND being so dang productive at home when I'm NOT!

barefoot gardener said...

That's why I have a blog...if I didn't write this stuff down, I would never remember the things that happen every day!

*snort, giggle* Yeah, Mt. Dew is the most evil and addictive of all sodas. Tons of sugar and caffeine to keep these weary bones a-goin'. It does sound like an alcoholic beverage, though. In fact, I do believe that years ago there were folks who made homemade booze called Mt. Dew. I would have to check on that one, though.

Don't worry, I will take a nap for you!

Finding Pam said...

You reminded me why I can not work fast anymore and why I am so worn out from raising my own kids. Save some time for yourself. I use to think I had to be Super Woman in order for our home to run smoothly. I got over that when my kids were teenagers!LOL

RuthieJ said...

Good God Woman, you're Super Human!! I can't even get that much done in a week!

(save the garage until it gets warmer outside though.....)