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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh, No! Not Again...

Oh, poor Big Sprout! Now she is sick with whatever it was that made Little Sprout sick earlier this week. The school sent her home at about 1:20pm today.
Speaking of which, I have a bone to pick with the nurse at this school. The woman needs a little patience, for crying out loud.
Here's the story:
I was downstairs messing with the laundry when I heard my phone start to ring upstairs in the living room. Experience has taught me that there is no way I can drop what I am doing and run up the stairs in time to catch the phone before it goes to voice mail, so I finished folding the shirt I had in my hands and headed up the stairs just as the message beep sounded. I picked up my phone and called my voice mail, but was interrupted by a call from Dad. So I hung up on voice mail and answered Dad's call only to have him breathlessly ask if I had already picked up Big Sprout from school.
Well, I had no idea what was going on! So I hung up on Dad to call the school and find out what was wrong with Big Sprout as I grabbed my keys and my coat and ran out to the van. I got their voice mail 3 TIMES before I finally got through. When the nurse answered, she told me that she had already called the 3rd person on our emergency contact card, and that this person was going to come pick her up. So I had to hang up with the school to call my friend who was going to come and get my kid and tell her to just stay home with her OWN sick kid. All this while driving the whole 2.5 miles from our house to the school.
All of this happened within 5 minutes. It could have been avoided if the nurse would have left a message and then waited 10 minutes before calling anyone else. I mean, the woman must be a speed dialer or something, to get 3 phone calls and 3 messages done in 5-10 minutes.
So here I am with a sick Big Sprout (thank goodness she is really stoic about it), a whole bunch of pork chops and stuffing casserole thawed out for supper that noone is going to eat, and a house that may or may not get cleaned depending on how much attention Big Sprout wants while she is feeling cruddy.
Maybe I will just crawl onto the couch with Big Sprout and snuggle under the covers with her until this is all over....

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Lisa said...

Sorry they made you panic like that! But I think your idea of cuddling on the couch makes good sense!