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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What Do You Do?


What do you do when your Sprout defiinitely still needs a nap but refuses to stop crying when you lay them down? Little Sprout is at the age where she is convinced that she doesn't need a nap anymore, and will do anything to get out of taking one.

She still needs one, and even when she doesn't need one anymore I will need one, so what the heck am I supposed to do? I have it on very good authority that duct taping her to her bed is against the rules, so what are my other options?

Any ideas?

In other words:



Mon said...

I'm not sure how she is. However, if she's old enough to know she's being put down for a nap, and old enough to resist, then no laying down for a nap. lol

How about laying together quietly reading or just playing gently together, possibly on the area she'll eventually nap, or not if that helps. Or how about carrying and rocking her gently?

Basically, just creating a quiet environment and all other elements to help HER fall asleep.

Good luck.

Lisa said...

My Older sister is only 16 months older. So she was really still a baby when I came along. We would go down for a nap at the same time (I mean, when else were the other two children going to get made?) and I would fall instantly asleep.

Sister, however, hated naps. Mom would give her a whole stack of books in her crib and tell her she had to read all of them before she could get up. She would tell herself all the stories, flip the pages and either fall asleep or take about a hour to finish!

Only works if you have a dedicated reader though!

Lisa said...

Or you can use that fantastic Sprout Swivel Sweeper thingie!!

Thomas said...

at our house, nap time is started by reading two books on 3yr olds bed.
If she pitches a fit, no books, which kills her.

If she doesn't take a nap (doesn't fall asleep) then she loses her episode of Curious George for the day.

Even better, if mom isn't looking and she does take a nap, I slide her some gummi bears


jenny said...

When my youngest won't take a nap, I plop her on the couch in front of a movie and she will evetually fall sleep-- *garanteed!* Like your little sprout, she refuses to nap, for fear of missing out on what the older 2 are doing, so a movie usually works for me. I just have to remember to make sure she has pull-ups on or I can expect a big wet patch on the couch! eww!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

Nope, Barefoot, I’ve no ideas or suggestions at all, but I really enjoyed your new music selection, especially Enya as I regularly OD on Celtic music.


PS. On reflection I would respectfully suggest that you avoid the Gaffer Tape scenario...