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Monday, December 01, 2008

Catching Up

Last week I did the Traditional Big Sprout Ornament Making Day. I ended up doing it the day before Thanksgiving. With my work schedule, it is really hard to find a day when the kids are not in school and I don't work or have a million other things planned, so this worked out really well.
As you can see, I didn't have the kids do anything really special this year. I wimped out and purchased some cardboard ornaments with pictures on them for the kids to color. They also decorated plain glass ball ornaments with rhinestones and made bead icicles and candy canes. Pretty simple.
Of course, simple does NOT mean tidy. Those girls made quite the mess of my kitchen while they were working on their little projects.

Here is Big Sprout having a great time decorating the kitchen tree. She was so cute, worrying about the placement of each ornament. It still looks like a crazy tree, but she is very proud of her work, so it will stay the way she left it. While she was working on the tree, Little Sprout took a strand of beaded garland and had great fun making it "snake" on the floor. That Damn Cat even got in on the action, chasing the end of the garland while Little Sprout ran around the house.

I worked over the holiday weekend, but still managed to host Thanksgiving here and go to my paternal Grandmother's place on Sunday for "another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat".

So, that's about it...that is what I have been up to since my last real post... I am off to fix the living room tree and get the family room tree decorated. I promised Mr. Barefoot that I would have everything done by tomorrow, so I had better get going!

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