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Sunday, November 09, 2008

What I Did And A Question

I spent my day off thrifting. I picked up some holiday decorations, but mostly just enjoyed being able to run around without the Sprouts.

When I got home, I used up the last of our zucchini (you wouldn't believe how long those suckers can stay fresh just sitting on the counter) making a Zucchini Stuffing Casserole. It's a FABULOUS recipe I got from my friend Sunny when we were moving. Unfortunately, the first batch didn't turn out real well. Mr. Barefoot wanted me to put more stuffing in the casserole, but I forgot to increase the liquid portion of the recipe so things got a little dry. I made 3 batches (2 for freezing), and attempted to make adjustments with the next two, but I guess I won't know how well it turned out until I get a chance to cook them up and eat them.

Now for the question I have for all of you lovely Readers.

I have been looking at my great big pile of holiday decorations and thinking that if I wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating the house it will take me until Christmas Eve to finish. Then I will have to spend all of January taking it all down again.

How early is it okay to put up your holiday decorations? Seriously. If I start now, I will probably be done by Thanksgiving. That would give us a whole month of enjoying it before I had to start taking it all down.

Whaddaya think? Would it be really bad to start now?


Thomas said...

NOT ONE SINGLE Christmas decoration is to be put up till the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest.
Are you a barbarian or something?


Lynne said...

Nope- not until the day after Thanksgiving.

Kati said...

I'm with the other two, not till the day after thanksgiving! Of course, my hubby would say that any sooner than 3 days before christmas is TOO soon. *rolling eyes* The old scrooge.

Yep, get BS to help you the day after Thanksgiving while Mr. B watches LS to keep her out of trouble. *wink*

Lisa said...

Sorry to agree with the gang. But I know how you feel about enjoying them all for a blink of an eye before taking it all down.

I'm not sure I'm even going put up the tree this year. No kids coming home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. *Sniff*

Maybe you could just cut down on the decorations so you aren't working on it for the whole month!

jenny said...

My stepmom collected Santas and she had a select few that she kept out all year round. She started decorating for Christmas on Nov 1st and took them all down Feb 1st. She always said that gave her 3 good months to enjoy the decorations instead of 1 month.

You could let it trickle in and decorate little by little, but save the tree for after thanksgiving. That's what I would do...

barefoot gardener said...

Every one of you (except for Jenny) is a party pooper!


However, I will abide by the majority vote and leave my lovely decorations in the garage until after Thanksgiving.

I DO reserve the right to listen to Christmas music when no one is around, though!

Kati said...

*grin* I was listening to christmas music last week when I sent Tay to her room to calm down, and I put on the tunes (Mannheim Steamroller!) to calm ME down. So, Christmas tunes prior to "Black Friday" are ok. *wink*

RuthieJ said...

I say "go for it" Barefoot. I'm sure your Sprouts will be delighted and if it helps free up more of your time to do other holiday stuff in December, then you should do it.
(I put a couple Christmas CDs in my player on Saturday while it was snowing. Thanksgiving is so late this year and then it will be less than a month till Christmas....)

Finding Pam... said...

I owned a florist for 25 years and if my home was going to get decorated, I had to do it early or else no tree. It always came down the day after Christmas.